Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dude Whaz Up

Hey Honey,

Merry Meet…Glad you stopped to see me…I have been so swamped…at points you have to put on the jacket with the big shoulders and be the one to step up…as of late, my shoulders are strong and my feet may be bare, but they know how to step when they need to…let me catch you up:

In massage, my business has been hammered- as have many around me…deep water horizon has denied my claim as they do not feel my business turned around as it should have and they will not take current legislation into account- so basically I am screwed…I have to admit I am impressed that Governor Scott took the time to help…it is up to the massage board now…I will keep you posted

School has been a challenge…there is always someone to say ‘you are in a master’s program, what did you expect?”…that does not make the challenge easier…it does however make me want to slap that person…lol…it is hard to believe that 4 more classes and I will be done…I love school

American Boudica has had such a fun summer…Chris will soon have a phone again…you can see us doing the happy dance…the book is moving along well…at times I get caught up in the story…it is so exciting…it will be so cool to see the graphics Chris comes up with for the Girly Pirate

Nature’s Power and Energy is moving forward…the current pool will be made at the end of the month…we have a clean design…I am still in awe of our crew and how hard everyone is working to make this happen…the county has stepped up and is moving to help us…we have cleared the first hurdle with the federal department of energy…exciting, but loads of paperwork…I can source everything from inside the USA

SunshinePaddle has been busy…we have gone through internet wide updates…paddling in the storms of summer has left me with no usable pictures…although I have gained quite a bit of useable information…for anyone who is able, we are looking for donations and volunteers….

We were able to hold a beautiful Lammas service…the Circle was lovely and many enjoyed the feast…a holiday dedicated to wheat and bread…life is good…lol…in asking my advice as of late, I have been asked how I got past the horrid things…my answer is easy- move forward…looking back will only put you in reverse and standing still is a neutral gear- you get nowhere…though this advice seems simple…it is not, it is however quite true

As the end of summer looms ever closer, do not forget it is time to compost the yard…it will give it a chance to break down before winter hits…Dad is home an working the lawn again…I am enjoying the break until it is time for him to go again…it has been kind of neat to see how much everything bloomed this year…Dad made a comment about the ground being wet, I laughed- it has only rained once since he has been home…lol

Well sweetie, I need to keep shuffling:)

Blessed Be,



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