Sunday, August 25, 2013

If I was painted purple and naked…

Merry Meet,

Yes, yes, yes my child…I understand you are upset…I am sorry…it was sudden and serious- my focus needed to be on me…I did not have time to call people or answers to give…I am here now and no worse for wear:) 

5 Days from today, I will no longer be an LMT…I am sad about this…it is because I know in my heart better things are ahead, I can let this go...I will miss it…the human body is an amazing thing…

Chris has a phone back…we have been working on the book 3 and I am finding it intriguing…to be able to Skype again…OMFG fecking YEA!!!!! Too happy am I and find it hard to contain myself…Chris has done some exceptional drawings for this book…he has said my writing is maturing- I am not sure if this is good or bad, but I do find myself lost in the story a lot:)
School has been going well…last week I finaled out in Finical Management and Competitive Strategy…neither class was easy and with the cardiac even happening at the start of the week- it was not easy…my professors were kind though and that did mean much

N. P. E. is an amazing place to work…we are getting ready to build the pool and a quarter size model…currently I am gathering resources for the build…am also working at putting the website together for this

The Sunshine Paddle was on hold this week due to my condition

The Circle of Boudica too has been on hold

On Saturday of last week, I had a cardiac event...on Sunday I was admitted to the hospital…Monday the event began to slow and I was taken for a cardiac catheterization…I am okay, just weak and tired from the procedures and tests…all I can do is rest…I went for my recheck with the cardiac doctor…it has to do with my battered women’s syndrome and not my heart- though the heat is where it all played out…

So yes, I have been quiet…I think you can understand

Blessed Be,


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