Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Holy Mackerel Batman

Merry Meet,

I have been cranking out the work…so glad you came to see me…grab an Aquafina- the bottles are good and cold……come… walk with me… life has so many changes, let me fill you in:

My clients know August 30th will be my last day of massage…as you know this has been a bittersweet situation for me…I will miss my clients, but cannot go into debt to keep my license- I did that for the last renewal…I have called the Dept of Health about this and they will not budge on CEUs or license renewal- even though they are aware the new laws have crippled this profession…they do not care…we do have a massage board in this state, but they do not represent the therapists- they are just there to judge and punish therapists…I did write a letter to the governor, consumer affairs and medical quality assurance- not that it will do me any good, but it made me feel better to say something…people have been trying to get in before I am done…it has created some tearful sessions

School has been WAY BUSY…I just finished Organizational Behavior and Global Business Ventures…so glad for both classes…I got As in both…now I am in Fiscal Management and Strategic Management…both seem really interesting so far…my school teaches using the most up to date information and I have been able to put it to practical use…Everglades University is AWESOME

Chris and I have been working on Book 3 and it is going okay…the book is good, but his phones and cable are still down and it is making it difficult…it is still my hope to have it out before my birthday- fingers crossed
Nature’s Power and Energy has been ever so busy…we now have the help of 3 very special engineers, each has brought wonderful new perspective to the current project…I have seen amazing engineered drawings of the HydroQueen…it is my feeling we will soon be building the prototype (maybe as soon as September)…I have been getting water readings…too freakin cool…I have also put through an unsolicited proposal to the National Energy Technology Labs which is part of the Dept. of Energy- this upload is approx. 8 ½ hours…

August 1 is Lammas…this is the celebration of the first harvest…this is yellow and green…it is an all vegetable meal…this is a time of reflection- what has been done/ what needs done…the planting of autumn crop is the next day…it is common to cover all mirrors in the house and garden…metal trash can lids should be filled with water and one should walk among them and pray…the water reflects the intention of the person praying…In the Circle of Boudica we will pray for Zac and Zeta as they need our energy to help them

The SunshinePaddle has been busy…practice has had swimming and endurance training…I have also been over to Weeki Wachee and to Hudson…I have made appearances at the Newport Richie Aquatic Center and The Grand Prix in Tampa…later this month I will attempt to get down to the Dolphin Research Center on Marathon Key…we have had many planning meetings and currently we are looking for ways to raise money…please message me with any ideas

Dad has been up playing with Tristan…Mom has been here an working on a new quilt…we have been getting a good deal of rain…listen…can you hear it…it is the sound of the grass growing…I have had to mow every 3 days…my cactus and plumeria started blooming a week ago and I feel will go the rest of summer

I am planning a trip to go tubing…if you have time message me, I would love for you to go with…your Tan looks good:)


Blessed be,


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