Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mouth Operates Faster Than Brain

Greetings my friend,

How are you doing…things here, as always, are busy…I am glad to have a break to sit and chat with you…have you been to the beach much this year…yes, it has become my home away from home…with so much going on it does tend to clear my head…

Massage is bittersweet at the moment as we get ready to close…it is another change on a page in the chapter of the book of my life…I know better things are ahead…I need to write a letter to the DOH…I will keep you posted

I am really happy and getting much from school right now…Organizational Behavior is an interesting class and teaching me a lot of balance in managing style…I do love my school…Global Business Ventures- I want to say it is new concepts, but they are ones you know and never paid real attention to…brought to the forefront it is a real gift to be in this class too

American Boudica Publishing is about to pick up the pace…Can I get a shout out for Rotherham for finally getting the roadwork done so Chris can have a phone…it has only taken over 5 months…OMFG REALLY…I so want to get Book 3 on the market…it will be nice to have the family back- I miss Chris, Rose and all the kids so much…I am looking for a good software person…inbox me:)

At the moment, I am trying to decide if I want to take the test to obtain my teaching certification…it would allow me to teach K-12 health…I have had 3 different school systems tell me no one is hiring and it would be a waste of money…I want to teach online and at the children’s jail…online is more focused learning and I would really enjoy that…the reason I want to teach at the jail is because it is because I feel that I can make a difference to those children…I have raised 32 children that were not my own or from my family and I am too old to take children in…the funny part is I have 2 colleges who want me to teach…how messed up is this…not good enough to teach children, but good enough to teach adults:/…BTW I do not need the certification to teach at the college…

Nature’s Power and Energy is moving right along…while I work on the terms with Germany, I will continue to move toward production…with the global economic uncertainty it is my thought to cover all bases…it us also my thinking that Florida would be the perfect place to develop this technology…I am interviewing engineers at the moment…
Many in the Circle were chuckling at my brain fart…I announced Litha a month early…no I am not right in the head- I thought we established that…lol…it is not due until June 21…I am excited to have something so fun to look forward to…maybe I will bar-b-que…we hope to have dad home by then…

Planning at the Sunshine Paddle continues…if you know of anyone who has time, I could really use the help…Pastor Scott has allowed me to use a room at the church the first and third Thursday of the month and the for Thursday at 1 in the afternoon…for those who cannot attend, but have time to work on the net- please inbox me…April 2014 is not as far off as one would think- we are now under 11 months…and the countdown continues...if you do not have time, maybe you could make a donation...

Yes…I am now up to 20 minutes and 5 miles on my Welso Bike…the very cute shorts I bought at the college bookstore during graduation now fit…I have used this any day I do not get to the water…I notice a difference in my stamina too

Keeping kid’s minds fresh over the summer can be easy and fun…Cribbage and Rummy work math skills…scrabble work their language arts and strategy skills…if you play the game of yahtzee using the whole game pad you teach them math and money planning…if the child wanted to write a letter to any one person in the world-help them craft and mail the letter, that is geography and language arts

A young woman spoke to me about a month ago about her money problems…meal planning is not only fun, but saves you money…meal time takes on special meaning and do not be surprised to find someone trying a fake accent…you do not order food as you have the stuff to make the meal- more family time creates more cohesion among the unit…she called last night to tell me how much she had saved in a month and how great things had been:)

 Well sweetie, it is that time…I need to get the dogs out and have another paper to work on for school…I would love for you to go to the beach with me…I am so happy you came to see me


Blessed Be,



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