Monday, November 12, 2012

Dreams Worth Workin For

 Merry Meet,

My friend it is good to see you…recently there has been much to think on…it is my intention, to move myself forward…it is amazing to see it happening…just not how I expected

Massage is still going well…I am going to remain sole proprietor in private practice…this way I can attend to my current clients without becoming overwhelmed, this allows me to take on new clients only at my discretion…though medicine is my passion…at the moment, it is not the only thing in my life…
American Boudica Publishing and Media has been busy as Chris and I wrap up Book 3…Taylor and I will beta test our app next week…we hope to get the ringtone recorded in the next few weeks- this will be so cool…We will also be filming for our first TV show this week- so much planning…I am blessed with such a great crew

School has brought much to my line of vision…this business management class goes into detail…I like how the text uses real world examples…thoughts that happen in discussion seem to come from several directions at once (in a good way) and has really opened my eyes…

I am currently looking for a class venue for The Explorers Academy…I have a few teachers lined up…it is exciting to see interest from all over the world…I will keep you posted as more information becomes available
Natures Energy is now awaiting the design patent on project 1…how cool will that be…my first patent…project 2 needs more detail in the drawing before I put it up for design patent…I will soon be incorporating this is my first attempt at an energy company, but I am confident 

Okay…not really sure how to express this…I am so thankful…so many taking time to help me put all of it together…I know that I hit the ground running, but it takes a village…really neat to have come this far and to continue moving forward...thank you all for believing in my dreams with me

In the Circle this week we send forth hope of healing…I will ask you to burn a white candle and pray for hope…many have lost hope, this is not the time for that…one must ask in prayer to heal our hearts and restore hope…opportunities are not far and we must have faith
Sunshine Paddle is starting to get booked…we will place the chart on site soon…Chris and Taylor have been working to help me format an entrance form for the Sunray Paddle…went up to Weeki Wachee to practice…the 5 mile trip is full of wild life and interesting people

The garden beds have been happy to have all the extra attention that winter brings…weeding and turning in compost…with all the warmer than usual weather it has afforded us a longer growing season…Dad’s flowers are still blooming

The animals have gotten their winter dip…I find fresh veggies help keep their coat soft and shiny…though each one likes different things, no one will eat it unless I have a bite first…lol…the kids used to be the same way…Draco is so old that his hair is starting to fall out (mostly on his butt)- we call it the Trump comb over and it looks about as real…

So as you can see it has been a little hectic…oh yes, I did not forget

Ginger Root Tea

Ginger root  


Cut 2-4 thin slices of ginger from the root (depending on the size of the cup and your taste preference) and place inside a cup.

 Pour boiling water into the cup. Allow your ginger tea too steep for a couple of minutes to a drinkable temperature. Enjoy this as it aids in digestion:)

Blessed Be,


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