Monday, November 26, 2012

Chick - a - Boom, Chick - a – Boom

Merry Meet,

How be you this very cold day??? I got everything ready for winter in just the nick of time- even found my only pair of pants…I pray ye got your life flipped in time also…I am so glad you had time to visit…yes, my fridge is empty- though Thursday was a disaster, I ran out and bought new on Friday and it was so good there is none left…

Massage has become a private thing for me…I will only see you if you are a current client, referral from a current client or direct contact with me…with so much going at the current moment, I feel this is best for my clients…just before the holiday I had a client come in from Okeechobee and another from Tallahassee…I am thankful and grateful for such amazing clients

School is going well…business management is not an easy class…I really enjoy the discussions…my school work peaks my curiosity and then I am on the fast track to research central…lol…I am thankful to be in school

American Boudica has been swamped…I am in the throes of book 3 and I am having such a good time with it…we are getting ready to tape the TV show…at times it seems like there is no time left in the day and 20 more things left to do…poor Chris…I am thankful he puts up with my hyper self:)

The Explorer’s Academy has been put on hold…with holidays upon us and so much else going on we have chosen to revisit this in March when time loosens

Nature’s Energy…this has me giddy like a school girl…we are awaiting the design pattern…it is my hope to start the incorporation paperwork this week…I spoke with Dave my ET on the project and he is currently looking for parts to make a mock up out of…how cool is that…we should have answers soon

In the Circle of Boudica we prepare for the Feast of Yule…green, white and red candles…songs of cheer and merriment…if you have extra food or maybe an extra present, I have an angel tree up the street that could use the help…

The Sunshine Paddle 2014 is starting to come together…Debby and I have been reworking the plan…this one makes way more sense…The Sun Ray Paddle 2013 entrance forms are now on site…Thank you Greg and Chris for pitching in…

The weather here has grown cold, thankfully I got to all my flowerbeds last week…it amazes me that Dad’s flowers are still blooming…he really has a green thumb or should I say hook

Warm Cider
1 Macintosh Apple
1 Fuji Apple
2 C Apple Cider
½ t each Allspice, Nutmeg
2 Cloves
Cinnamon 2 Sticks
Warm above slowly over low heat to just below boiling
Add 2 shots Rum (optional)


I am glad to see all is going well with you…during this holiday it is very hard for everyone…if you can help someone and not expect it returned, you get this holiday…please share kindness and love- that would be the best gift you could give me this year

Blessed Be,





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