Monday, October 22, 2012

Workin Hard Baby

Merry Meet My Friend,

How are you? I am glad to see you…it has been so busy, thank you for making time to stop by…ye, as you know, this is my favorite time of year…the pumpkins sparkle in the moonlight and the Indian corn is so colorful
Massage has been amazing…as the fingers glide along the muscle- it is almost like feeling each muscle spindle gives up its stress and allows open range of motion to just happen…as the client turns to jello and pain leaves the body- it is a sign that every good therapist knows…that sound is one of the reasons I do this job…my new business cards have come in and I am cultivating new clients

American Boudica Publishing has been a busy place…Taylor has been working on the music for the ringtone….Chris is working on prose, book 3 and art…I have been working on book 3…Taylor and I are about to produce our first TV show…

School is quite intense since I have started my masters program…I have been trying to implement all these new things I am learning…I thought Walter would have a stroke when I started doing our budget using double line accounting…I just finished ‘Corporate Finance’ and have now started ‘Business Management’….

In the Circle we are very excited…so many new babies- it has been so awesome…Samhain is almost here…I will be having a bon fire- call if you wish to join me…this is a bright holiday- red, orange, yellow and white…okay, I think it is the most awesome of all holidays:)

The Paddle has become so encompassing…getting ready for the Sunshine Paddle has me working my tail off…the Sun Ray paddle on April the 13th in Pasco- which has now become part of the Sunshine Paddle, is starting to come together…I had to walk through much legal crapp, but I am happy…for those who are not aware- I am the producer of these paddles, if you choose to paddle with me- do so at your own risk- the Pasco Shelter has nothing to do with this other than to accept donations…it was time to return Yum Yum…I was sad to say good-bye to her-she will be missed…I am looking for a 14foot sit on top to replace her…I have seen 2 notch and Fred this week, really I am so blessed…I have really been enjoying being back on the water

Fall Clean up and cut back has started all around the gardens…dad has been washing the house- with a broom and bucket…I have been trying to get out a little everyday and ready the beds for fresh compost…the yard has been full of dragon flies…some late blooming honey suckle has had the yard smelling like perfume...Dad's roses are beautiful

Medical Alert-

Many people forget in the fall and winter to change their air/heat system filter…forgetting can leave pathogens in the air allowing you to get ill…also keep an eye on all pets- fleas and ticks do not go away in winter…

Mothers’ Trick-

During fall many children get croupy…2 tablespoons of salt in the warm bathwater an hour before bed will aid in keeping the sinus cavity drained…most children be ready to fall out…

So, I know you head is swimming with so much news…the Orange Crush is different, I saw it on sale and wanted to brighten my day:)


Your Girly Pirate,

Dorraine Cooper-Rooney, LMT, BS

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