Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Planet Krylon is a Beautiful Shade of Purple

Merry Meet My Friend,

You seem surprised to find me with a smile…admittedly it has been a rough few months…though many good things were happening, many very distressing things also had me in their clutches…things are now full circle and I can feel the water

Massage has been so slow, each has gotten to an almost spiritual level…most sessions are lasting between 60-90 minutes and some up to 120…the supple feel of muscle, the concrete of the knot- the blood flow as the knot releases…I love my job…it is so freakin cool
School has been going well…I passed Accounting 1 & 2 and am now taking Corporate Finance…thankfully I have had a wonderful teacher…Today has been special, as I got my actual Degree (with the cool holder) in my hands…tears keep flowing…lots of hard work, shit to put up with and debt- but, I have a Bachelor Degree of Science:)…I feel so very thankful

Chris has been at the helm of the good ship Boudica…lol…even with all that is happening, he has been keeping book 3 moving…we hope to be done in November…I have been setting up with a new printer…we will soon be getting ready for our first American Art Show…I will keep you posted

The Circle of Boudica has been busy with new moms…I am so happy to be grandma…I turned 47- Really just so freakin cool…Samhain will be here soon…it is time to gather wood, yes I will be having a bon fire…this is my favorite holiday- I am like a kid…I will be cooking…it is a time to be thankful for the blessings- I have much to be thankful for…it is a time to remember our friends and family who are no longer with us…I always wash June’s headstone (my mother in-law)…it was when Walter and I first got married that I noticed she was alone…now the area is full- in a strange way I am happy she has others around her now…

With losing so much training time, I must put The Sunshine Paddle off Until April of 2014…with that being said, I will be planning an exciting paddle from Hudson Beach to Anclote River Park…it is approx a 15 mile paddle that will be set up for people of all skill levels…This will be called The Sun Ray Paddle…this is a wonderful paddle that shows not only various shorelines, but also flows with the current…I will keep everyone posted through the website:)
As you know, I have been going through some issues that have kept me off the water for the last 12 weeks…sugar crashing, edema, heart issues from the edema, etc…because it happened in front of the doctors, I have had all kinds of tests done and I keep passing them with flying colors…this is kind of upsetting, as I have no solid answers as to the cause…it sucks to be pricked (not in a good way) and squashed and know no more than before…I have listened to the many doctors for too long and now I choose to be back on the water…I am sure by now, whatever it was, has passed…

Dad has the Autumn garden in full bloom…he has rose bushes that look like red velvet balls…I have started cleaning up the yard…I was surprised to see the return of a cactus that I thought had died about 3 years ago…I am looking for some new plants or help with yard work and am willing to barter for them…

Take the time to stop and say thank you…give your friends and family love…you never know when they will not be here to hug…if I haven’t told you lately, it is me who is blessed with you
 The medical value of a cup cake…for most of us, it is a real reminder of special times and events in life…it is a way to have something that already has portion control built in…any way you cut it a win/win…take 1 daily to relieve depression and brighten your day (maybe even get frosting on your nose)…

May the sun be on your face with the wind at you back…

Blessed be,

D. Cooper-Rooney, LMT, BS

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