Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Merry Meet,

I am happy you made time to get by…it has been a long week…how did your turkey come out…I feel like the blueberry girl from Willie Wonka…your looking a little plump too...

Massage was enjoyable this week…a lot of last minute clients and some just showed up to see if I could fit them in…you know me, the more the merrier...great to see my snowbirds flying back;)

At last…we have gone into print on book 2…as soon as I see it posted I will let you know…Chris and I took a slow week due to the hard week getting the cover done…he has started a new ‘Photo of the Day’ group in facebook…

School is going well…I am currently in an English Composition class…many papers and a lot of reading…though I find I am homing my skills…Chris and I are going to punch up book 3 before it goes to the printer

In The Circle of Boudica it has been a wonderful holiday…we were able to help 10 families have a good Thanksgiving….candles burned brightly…brown in thanks for all that I have…white in hope for the future…orange for abundance through the winter…a time to give up your pride and think of others

For Thanksgiving we went to the Golden Coral…OMG…did I eat….mom and dad seemed to enjoy themselves…Walter just kept the food on his plate piled…on Friday morning Tristan came home for a quick visit…Walter and mom spent all day cooking a huge turkey and all the should see the desert table…Dale came by to eat with us and took a plate home to his mom…Erin, Nathan, Nate, Debbie and many others called to wish us well for the holiday…Alex and his girlfriend stopped by to see Tris…she and I got to play on the Wii…she kicked my ass, but we had fun…she had to leave this morning…I always get sad when she goes…Dansir spent Thanksgiving in New Hampshire with her boyfriend’s parents…

Okay…I feel I have to say something…when money is so tight why are government officials using it like it grows on trees…Willie Nelson got busted for weed…DUH…Tommy Chong got busted for his picture being on a bong…DUH…How can ANY cop or government official be proud of that bust…do you know how much money was wasted on this, I could put kids through school on what was spent….do not waste my time or money on such bullshit…murderers are being let out of jail because we need to bust Snoop Dog with a joint…we do not have room in our jail for rapist or child molesters because average Joe got caught with a joint…am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture…if you question how stupid this is…look at Portugal and Amsterdam…since they have changed their laws, crime has DROPPED…I also urge you to watch a movie called ‘The Union’…it is available at Netflix and can be streamed

Quintus is growing everyday…he is still all teeth…since he is too small to jump yet, the rest of the animals find the nearest available perch when he enters the room...he loves dad…the gliders keep trying to take my hair when I stand near the cage to build their winter nest…the fish have been tranquil this week…I think they feel winter setting in

The garden is putting on its cold face…we have beautiful flowers blooming…I will be going out shortly to prune and put it to compost…the pool is closed…Walter is up on the roof getting ready to start the process of membraining the roof…Alex and Jazen are supposed to help him…I am so sure they will do a great job

Mint Tea

Boil 3 Cups of boiling water

Steep in 15-20 Leaves (15 fresh or 20 dried) for 10-15 minutes

Serve warm or over ice

This is great for digestive issues, sore throat and aids with skin issues too.

Well, its time to go play in the garden…I hope you have all had enough to eat this week and that you have had delightful conversations with friends and family…it is a time to share, be thankful and to show kindness…may you all find the wonder in every act of kindness

Blessed be,



  1. Fabulous Photos!! Thanksgiving sounds a wondrous time ... hmmm , I fancy goose for Christmas. That book looks great in miniature, on the shelves it will really shine.
    Here, Jack Frost has run amok with his wand of ice; I’m off to scrape of my extremities before I make a move.

  2. .. and have a cup of your mint tea!!