Thursday, December 2, 2010

If I go crazy, will you come with me?

Merry Meet,

How have you been….come in, sit down, relax…it has been a long week and I am quite tired…it has been chilly (about 65-70f this week)…I guess winter is setting in…I turned the heat on last for the first time this year lastnight…I see you came in all bundled up

Well, massage is always a good place to start (or at least my favorite)…I had to put the warmer on the table today…the clients said it felt 'toasty'…keeping in touch with your clients is important, but doing so without being a pain in the ass is an art…I will be doing a paraffin massage special the 12-20th of Dec…one hour for $30…this is one of my favorite things to do and every client who has had this massage calls it Shangri-la…for more info give me a call (813)907-6279 and I will be happy to fill you in and book your appointment

School is going well…English Composition is a pain in the ass…I can see Ms. Kiernan, my high school English teacher, looking down from heaven laughing at me…I am working hard and know it will make me a better writer

Speaking of writing…I have had book 2 at the printers for almost 2 months and am waiting for it to finish processing…we had to resubmit another cover (#3)…I have been checking Amazon everyday to see if the book has posted yet…the waiting is worse than being pregnant…In the next 90 days, Chris and I will produce 2 e-books…One will be a children’s book…this will be something parents can print out, kids can color and both can use to make a craft project…the other is a book on herbal remedies…I will keep you posted…if you are wanting one of the power points e-mail Chris or Myself , put powerpoint in the subject line and we will get one right out to you...  

The Circle of Boudica has had great energy…I am getting ready for Yule…a young lady from Ireland that we helped out during Thanksgiving Skyped me…she had walked 2 miles to use a friends computer…she sang holiday carols to me…it was so beautiful…such a wonderful present…this year is very hard…many are going without…anyone who has new or gently used toys or clothes, I have a number of children who will need Santa this year…any help is always appreciated…please contact me

Walter and I just celebrated our 12 year anniversary…for my present, he put a membrane on the roof…it is awesome…it was quite funny too though…my dad told him not to take his shirt off while he was up there…he did not listen and got burnt to a crisp

I attended a Heartlink Networking meeting with mom this week…this is a women in business networking group…although none of us had the same service or products…it was great to share information and meet new people…I usually hate those type of things as people are usually so phony…this was NOT like that at all…the women were down to earth with great ideas…when we left I felt recharged

The animals have been frisky in the cold weather…Quintus is almost 6 weeks old and is fairly housebroke…though being woke at 4 am to take him out really bites…it sure beats stepping in puppy poop…Chewy is very jealous of the puppy, but at the same time mothers him…the gliders are well…I think the cold weather slows them down…the fish have gone to the bottom of the pond…they stay there until its above 70f

A young man came and asked dad if he had some small jobs that needed done…I put him to work by the front gate cleaning up all the dead weeds…I was impressed with the job the young man did…the drive is all clear now…the roses around the yard are in full bloom…the word lovely doesn’t seem to do them justice…dad’s fence flowers have been in bloom for the last few weeks…the big purple/blue flowers remind me of a big quilt

At the end of the day…I feel lucky and blessed…my family is doing good…I have fabulous friends… great co-workers…amazing animals…this is not to say I don’t have my moments, but even those do not seem to come that often little world is a cool place to be

I am troubled about the question that looms over Florida’s head about offshore drilling…I think honestly it should be stopped at all costs…it has been proven there is not much oil there and if a rig let go here in Florida, the damage could be done to the gulf stream…after all the studies I have seen over this last oil spill, I will not eat fish from the gulf for several years…BP will NEVER pay or be made to pay for all the damage they have done

Cinnamon Herbal Tea

9 Cinnamon sticks

3C water

Simmer Cinnamon sticks in water for 20 minutes

Strain (you can add milk and honey or 1 shot of buttered rum)

Drink hot

Cinnamon is known to improve circulation, ease cold symptoms, relieve stomach upsets, reduce menstrual cramps and regulate blood sugar and insulin

Warnings -

• Do not take more than one cup of cinnamon tea if you are pregnant

• Avoid cinnamon if you suffer from a high fever or have an irritable bowel syndrome

I know this is a busy season…thank you for taking time to chat with me…hanging out with you is always so much fun…may your smile warm the hearts of many

Blessed Be,


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