Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Week in the Life….

Merry Meet,

How are you? I am starting to unwind from the marvelous high of publishing my second book…Walter has just fixed some mahi-mahi steaks…it is quite good, go get a plate…not to worry, it is Atlantic not gulf fish…I made sugar cookies…here have some milk to wash them down

Massage has been awesome this week…many clients came at the end of the week because they wanted to pick up a book too…the energy flowing through me has been almost electric…my paraffin order should be in by Monday…I love this massage…it feels good to the client and it is neat to the therapist…Paraffin Massage is fabulous for arthritis, bad backs and sore legs…my therapist has come back down and I will be getting my massage next Wednesday…YEA!!!! It has been 6 months since my last one….my body is screaming

Okay lets talk about school…it is so much fun…maybe because I am 45…I start my week and work hard to make sure all required is in before it is due….this way if I need to make changes, I have time…I am currently in English Composition Class…it is work heavy, but is really paying off…the thing that seems the most stupid, becomes the most important thing you ever learned 5 years from now

Chris and I are working on the children’s book…this will be so cool…I have to admit, after rereading both books currently in print this week…In book 1, I found about 30 errors…in book 2, I only found 6…it is amazing to see how far I have come as an author, but also as a publisher…I am getting ready to convert book 3…I hope this one will have NO errors…lol…I hear ya…good luck with that…my second book in the market place is kind of humbling…I almost danced to the post to put Chris’s copy out to him…

In the Circle of Boudica we had a rough week…baby Zach was rushed back to the hospital…due to insurance issues with medicade, he ended up without his medicine…we hope for him to go home today…please send any good energy his way…I am taking donations to help people who do not have this year…my hope is for everyone to have a peaceful holiday

Many of you know me to be kind and uplifting…it was not always this way…I had to accept myself…the good and the bad…from there you have a choice…move forward or get caught in the past…several times I got caught in the, past until I learned the best is what is a head…then I learned to push forward…I try to make every person in my life important…from the cashier as the store to the person who brings the pizza…to smile and say thank you is not hard…to stop and listen to someone else can sometimes be annoying, but we all need someone to listen to us…if someone is hurt and can not afford to pay, I will work on them…I was given a gift in my hands, to not help them in my eyes would be a sin…this season is supposed to bring forth kindness…this year that seems to be missing due to the fact people feel they can not provide for their families…why not remember and teach our children what the season is really about…going out caroling beats dancing with a video game…baking with friends is way better than an instant message…helping your neighbor is cooler than standing in line for the latest gadget…please take time to look inside yourself…bring out the real meaning of the season and make it a positive holiday for those around you;)

Did you know that, according to Dr. Linda B White (The Herbal Drugstore, 2003)….Evening Primrose seed oil may significantly help arthritis pain, and reduce inflammation especially in cases of rheumatoid arthritis, due to its GLA content.

May you all be blessed,


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  1. two books down and loads more in the pipe line, we have struck creative gold, and there is no sign of it drying up.
    I will pass the Primrose seed oil idea onto my friend, his arthritis reallk kicks in when the weather turns cold.
    May the season bring good fortune to the less able