Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On My Soap Box

I have been all over this country (USA)…when I was a young woman, I grew up in MA…and like any ‘good girl’, New England was my playground…I then moved to TN…from there to Virginia beach…and now in Florida…each and every area that I have lived in has prized good morals and being a good sport…let me share with you some things I have learned

Lesson1…from a time that I was quite small, I was taught right from wrong…legal be dammed, if you did the right thing…in your heart any amount of time is not a sacrifice…you see when this life is over…I do not have to answer for what you did…only for what I did…If I do something wrong, I need to be honest and take my lumps…this is the philosophy I live by

Lesson 2…from the time I was born, I have been around animals and gardens…here is where I learned respect…not only for what was on my table, but also for life…you see, my animals do not belong to me, but I to them…

Lesson 3…it was put to me as a child that you never hurt anyone or anything for fun…people who did this were always looked down on and shunned

Lesson 4…it was unfair to allow others who were ignorant to be taken advantage of…be it animal or human…it was my duty to look after those who could not look after themselves…

Lesson 5…not everyone wins…this lesson is important…it teaches the winner to be humble and the loser to try harder…

Lesson 6…Win with grace and humility…walk with honor and pride

These are lessons of life, fair play and sportsmanship…I am writing this as I have seen some things that have my stomach turning…growing up in New England sports are a way of life…I swallowed the whole OJ murder trial (thankfully Nevada cleaned this mess up)…I do not think just because you know how to throw a ball that you should be allowed to get away with the crapp these guys are pulling…then came the idiot who thought dog fighting was so cool…many dogs are hurt or dead because of him…had you or I done this same crime, we would be behind bars for 20 years…he skated on the fact he could play ball with only 2 years…now not only do we the people of America and our children get this man rubbed in our face not only on the TV, but the internet too...now the president is going to speak up for him saying the man had done his time…could someone please tell Mr. Obama what dog fighting is…give him a video to watch…after watching sir, do you still think he did his time…he was given back a multimillion dollar contract by the NFL…kids took away the lesson that fighting dogs will not get you into too much trouble…I understood a cop looking the other way for a speeding ticket or a parking violation, but we are far from minor infractions…people tripping players from the side lines…lesson here kids, if you are losing it is okay to cheat…here in Tampa we pay for a stadium that the Buccs’ play in and most of the Buccaneers’ games have been blacked out from our TVs…because during a time in Florida’s lowest employment rate in history, we can not afford $25 a ticket (in the cheapest seats) and another $10 for parking to fill the stadium…can you say double dipping…please understand this is just the highlight reel…I guess the NFL has given up the morals and ethics clause in their contracts

I am quite tired of the bullshit they are trying to feed me…I will no longer buy tickets or t-shirts put out by the NFL…I will no longer watch games played by the NFL…nor will I spend any further time speaking of them…I can no longer support a national league who feels they are above the law and screwing people over is acceptable…I thank you for understanding my feelings…I will raise my grandchildren to play hockey, to swim, to play tennis…I will still watch the army/navy game, college and high school football…I am not nor will I ever be anti-sports…I have not seen such frightful behavior from other sports…I feel I have to stand up for what’s right…it may not be what is popular, but my conscience is clear…the children around me will not have to be exposed by such horrid people

Again, thank you for understanding

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