Sunday, December 26, 2010

What did Santa bring you?

Merry Meet,

What did Santa bring you (other than me;)…it has been nice to have a few days off…pull up a chair…I will get the cocoa and you grab the Yahtzee game off the shelf…yes, it is Peter Gabriel on the cd player…

My haul for Christmas was great…Tristan gave me a car…mom got me shirts, Longaberger dishes, silverware, sox and bras…dad gave me money…Dansir got me a bottle of wine and York peppermint patties…the clients got me cookies and hockey tickets…my friends gave me candles for the massage room…dale played came over and played board games with me…I made out like a bandit

Walter made me breakfast…he gave me a pedicure…he made the holiday dinner…very cool

All of my clients got a gift this year…I won on a lotto ticket and was able to share the blessing with them…I was happy to be able to do it...

Chris and I have been enjoying our down time…family is the most important thing

In the Circle of Boudica…several people donated their time and money…we helped 15 families in 6 countries total...not only with the meal, but also presents for the kids…thank you for being so generous during such economic times…in our prayer group this week was people of many faiths…goes to show it is not important who you call God…the important part is to call…

The weather here for Christmas was a balmy 78f…today it hovered are 55f with rain...brrr…we needed the rain…maybe my lawn will come back…at the moment, it is the brownest it has been in 10 years…next week I will start to pull up all grass that has died so I do not have a thick thatch…

What lessons did I learn in 2010 you ask…be VERY careful of all the new electronic gadgets with a cameras or microphones…hold fast to your beliefs…when you second guess yourself you were usually right in the first place…I don’t have time to be on a one way street (yes, with this I mean relationships)…to laugh is better exercise than going to the gym…there is life after children…there are many more lessons, but it is late…

How was your Christmas…did you get everything you wanted…do you remember when I used to wake the kids around 4 in the morning…I would start making the Christmas calls as soon as the kids were done…lol…this year I did not make most calls till last night or today

It has been a year to remember…feeling safe now…I have refound many of my friends…I made the dean’s list…I made high priestess…my second book is now on the market…I have retained all my clients that are above ground…I helped clean up an oil spill…my parents are still with me…I have a great husband…good kids…I got a cool car….hmmmmm…I have received more than Warren Buffet owns…I feel very fortunate…

Pure Air Spritzer

1/2 tsp Bergamot Essential oil

1/2 tsp Eucalyptus Essential oil

1/2 tsp Lavender Essential oil

2oz pure distilled water

2oz vodka (acts as a preservative)

Put the essential oils in a 4 oz Spritzer bottle and fill with vodka and water. Shake and use as often as you like. You can vary the amounts of oils to get the right scent for you. These three essential oils are said to kill hundreds of airborne viruses and bacteria. Just spray your home, office, hospital room, class room etc and enjoy the difference.

New Year’s Blessing

This Feast I shall leave on my doorstep all night. In my window one candle shall burn bright, To help my loved ones find their way As they travel this eve, and this night, until day. Bless my offering, both Lady and Lord Of breads and fruits, greens and gourd.

I am glad you had a good holiday…I too am tired…thank you for stopping by…I enjoyed the game…may you be blessed



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  2. An excellent weekend holiday here, cold outside but full of warm hearts inside. The presents were good and it was a booze free weekend for me, why? Didn’t need it, that’s why!

    Hey! Hit me with that Pure Air Spritzer, and hold the vodka, but maybe an extra dash of Boudica Blessings would go down a treat.

    Cheers all and here’s to a prosperous(ish) New Year