Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Meet,

How are you today? I am glad I had time to stop by…fresh mint tea is quite tasty, thank you…it is nice to come to visit you once in a while…stop worrying about how clean the house is and sit with me…

In massage I have been trying out some new moves this last month…the clients have been happy about it and they open up different parts of the body to my palpation…how the body works is SO COOL…each tiny knot can produce a chain reaction…the nerves are the body’s communication system…the circulatory and lymph systems are like a super highway around the body…the muscles (or as I call it meat) is where the horsepower is…the brain and the heart are both power plants of different sources (one electric and one hydro)…how neat is that…how they correspond and interact are astonishing…I LOVE my job…as I work with the body I get a sense of the story it holds, not what the client tells you, but what the body has to say…I have asked several clients about injuries and always hear ‘that happened 10 years ago, how did you know that’…the body records everything…the feel of the meat, the smell and tone of the skin, reaction or lack there of, the sound of the voice…all of these and more bring me to understand what should be normal and work with the client to get there…this is the week of the Yule Feast…I have gotten a present for every client that comes in this week…

Even though American Boudica Publishing is closed for the holiday, I have been doing a bit of writing and I got ‘The American Boudica’ fan page set up on facebook…book 3 has no name yet…I will give the Boudica fans a chance to have fun with us…Friends, Family and Funerals is the introduction to Boudica and her special gifts…Love is like an Onion is Boudica showing what she can do and how sexy the word mom can be…in book 3, Boudica forms bonds and does a bit of globe hopping…help us choose a title…please submit any titles to the fan page, Chris or myself…in the subject line put ‘Title’ and in the body I will need your idea for title, your name, your address (snail mail please) and phone number…The person who’s title we choose will not only see the Title in print, but also get a complete set of the Boudica series to date signed by both Chris and myself and a notation in the book

School is on Winter Break… Final grade posted, I got an A in English Composition 1…I have my books and started studying for the next class…

In the Circle we have had some interesting conversations…I see the energy for giving as being pink, purple and green…I don’t mean when you hand someone the obligatory gift card…I mean when you stop your day and do for someone for NO reason…weather you listen to an old mans story or take a car full of kids to a roller rink on a snowy day or pay the toll of the guy behind you…it is a piece of you that you have given them and you are the best gift ever;)

Many of you will be eating a good amount…give the digestive system some help…acidophilus can be found in the supplement section of most grocery stores…probiotics is the same thing only much more expensive…

Dad and mom have been out visiting…at home…dad has been busy revamping his flower boxes and mom has been quilting…we have been baking…I made cupcakes today…yes, my hips are growing just thinking about it;)…while cleaning out the flower boxes, a snake jumped out and tried to bite dad…I am not sure who was more surprised…the snake bite down on dad’s hook…dad slung him across the yard…it was a black racer, dad must have startled him as they do not usually attack people…the week long cold snap has turned everything brown…until the weather stabilizes I will not prune…though I really should dethatch the lawn

Laugh for no reason today…just because its something to do…come on…you know you want to…if nothing else, just look at the faces around you when you do it…they will laugh or look at you strangely…laughing is one of the best exercises that you can do…it releases some interesting hormones that do really groovy things for the body

I once was upset that I had no shoes, until I met the man that had no feet…remember to be thankful for what you have…any act of love is never really a sacrifice, it is a wonderful memory in the making…smile and remember you have love to give…look for it, share it and get ready for the best memories

Well my friends, it is time to go…thank you…I am glad we got this time to spend together…May you all be blessed


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