Sunday, December 5, 2010

DUDE…Can you feel it?

DUDE…can you feel it…it is the release of the second book- worldwide!!!!!

How do I explain how much work goes into one book…I am blown away…being both publisher and author is not easy…I am so happy…Chris and I were doing the happy dance over the phone…if you do not want to order it online, you can go to Barnes and Nobel or Boarders with the ISBN #978-1607439516…if you are not in the USA you can go to your nearest large book retailer and should be able to order it using the same number…I never thought I would be an author and now I have 2 books in print…I am so amazed…I could not have done it without Chris, Walt, Rose and Dale…

I have been asked a few questions about American Boudica…I will try to answer

What is Boudica?

Boudica is a woman in Britain who fought against the Romans for freedom. I have fought most all my life for those who do not have…a freedom fighter of sorts…and I was American…as Chris and I played with the idea of a book, the name seemed to find itself.

What is the book about?

Love is like an Onion in the next adventure in the Boudica series. I find it a fantasy with something to be gleaned from every chapter, but I wrote it…I am slightly bias about it. In this book we travel the world…we spent hours on research to keep as many details as correct as possible…it was a lot of fun and I feel that reflects in the writing

What prompted you to write your books?

With all I had been through in my life, I had many stories to share…I met a wonderful writing partner on MySpace…we had spoke for several months before we found our direction…once we got into a working rhythm the books flowed…my husband and his wife have been very supportive in every way…the books flowed as a product of the amazing energy

How long does it take to produce a book?

The first took about a year and a half …this book has taken us 2 ½ years…the first book went quite smooth…due to upheaval in the current economy, we have hit roadblocks at every juncture (i.e. the cover took 3 months to get straight with the printer)…I often tell people the closer you get to the completion the more it is like being pregnant…it could be anytime now, all the way up until you see it on Amazon…it is like them laying the baby on your chest for the first time and then you can breathe…it then becomes a labor of love

What do you want people to take with them from the book?

Along with fact is fantasy and vice versa…much of American Boudica is taken from real life situations with fantasy woven in to protect either myself or others…the heroine is over 40 and has been through much…there are many lessons to be found among the pages, but I feel what she represents is the love of family and friends…also loyalty and honesty seem to run deep with her…personally, I hope it opens people’s minds and makes them think

I love our printer…they have been great…when my computer crashed and I lost everything…they helped Chris and I get everything together…I am really blessed and hope people like it…I will have some copies here for sale…I can hardly wait to get the first one in my hand…by the end of next week you will be able to search inside the book…it will also be out on e-book and kindle at that time…OMG…this is so cool

Many people have asked how I can stay positive in the current situation our country is in…it is not easy…I try to focus on what is positive in my life and work in that area…what I mean is, if massage is slow many people would bitch…for me it is time to write or study…I hear stories from people everyday about how bad things are…I try to focus them into a positive way of looking at things…laugh out loud once a day for no reason…it really does help…I was born in Massachusetts and I am made of some pretty strong stuff…9/11, nor a bad president will hold me back…as my mother would say…’The government is burping while the economy is farting’…the only way I can see out of it is for people to work…no one is going to hand you a job…what can you think of or do different that might make you some money or create jobs…being a Transplanted Floridian, I can tell you nothing good happens fast…we understand the words ‘hunker down’…many are worried because the holiday will soon be here…please remember, it is not what is under the tree, but the love that surrounds it…hugs are the best presents…take care of the children and try to make a decent meal…fill the home with love and laughter…this is what it is all really about;)

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  1. ... and we are hunkering down with the next one, look out world The American Boudica is here !!!