Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stress Reduction Starts at Home

I am happy to have time to run by to see you…yes, the pimpmobile is shiny…I have been washing her…she is a lot of fun to drive…I just rolled up to the drive thru with Electric Avenue blasting…the girls at the window gave me a strange look and started bopping to the music…just too funny

Though massage has been slow, a lot of the clients have been calling…through the holiday season appointments are spotty…by this I means either I am swamped or dead…nothing in between and always so much fun…lol…the new cds have me flowing…I do so love Van Morrison in the massage room, his older work is the best…next would be Dean Martin… My winter hours for massage are 10 am- 5pm, by appointment only (813) 907-6279...

Chris and I have had our attention focused on our book cover…we have had a crash coarse in Adobe software…thankfully Chris has good temperament (kept me from picking up the computer and throwing it across the room)…we hope to be complete by the end of the week

I just completed my class in Stress Reduction and Relaxation Techniques…I do not have the final grade yet, but I believe it is an A…YEA…I am really glad I took it…I love Everglades Univ. and value the education I am getting…back when I went to Sanford Brown Institute, I had an instructor who had gone there…I really liked what he taught and the way he taught it…he inspired me…my mom taught me education is what you make of it…I want to give my clients the best medical care I can…I feel all of these classes are taking me to the next level…like climbing a mountain…I can’t wait to see the view at the next rest area

Dad is home and getting the yard ready for winter…Mom is getting ready to post Longaberger Baskets and products…she has a collection of 25 years…she wants to make room to make more quilts…Walter is getting ready to membrane the roof and paint the house

The animals have been in quite a flum…the puppy that wandered into our life is a cute little terror…he attacks everything constantly…he reminds me of a gladiator, so I call him Quintus…due to his color dad calls him Gold…so I guess his name is Quintus Gold…Dad loves him and enjoys coming to take him out…Shinara has now gone into heat again…needless to say my mop is kept handy as cleaning is a constant at present…Chewy and Blue have turned into 2 whining bags of mess…at least the food bill will be down for a few weeks

Since we are coming into winter…this week, I will be closing the pool…I am sad about this, but know it will not be long until I am swimming again…I have cleaned out the gardens already, but will be planting garlic this week too…next week I will winterize the pond, so if you want some of the water for your plants bring me up some jugs…I will also be starting a window farm in the house…it will be neat to have fresh growing herbs and veggies all year round…the whole idea is very cool to me…

It is soon to be the American holiday of Thanksgiving…we will be celebrating ours a day late this year as it is when Tristan can come home for leave…Dansir will also be here after her trip to New Hampshire…Walter will be making the turkey dinner with my mom…I expect to see many of our family and friends…crapp, I need to pick up batteries for the camera

In the Circle of Boudica this week…I sit here crying because you all are so wonderful…I asked for a good energy a few weeks ago for some folks…as always you have come through…the babies are out of the hospitals…the young man got the job…and we helped a young couple to remember why they married…I feel really blessed…when we work together mountains can be moved…I am starting to prepare for Yule 12/21…I am looking for a beautiful oak log and holly branches to burn…it is a time when everyone should be singing and laughing…this year will be hard on many…please take time to make someone smile each day…it is the best gift you can give or receive…has anyone thought of the feast you will be cooking…I will keep you posted on my choices this year…a white candle should be burnt for an hour each evening from 12/01-12/31…its meaning is rebirth, hospitality and hope…a blue candle should be burnt with the white on the 21st …it means truth and peace…on that night both should burn until you go to bed…I can not wait to see the sky that night

Cranberry Tea

3 cups of natural cranberry juice (room temp)

5 black tea bags or 5 teaspoons of loose black tea

10 cups of water

5 cinnamon sticks

Honey (to taste)

Brandy (optional)

Bring the water to a boil

Add Tea Bags and Remove From Heat

Add Cranberry Juice, Cinnamon Sticks and Honey (let steep about 10 Minutes)

Add Brandy (optional)

Can Be Served Warm or Over Ice

This is a great pick me up to help us…the cranberry has great anti bacterial properties…black tea is well known for its antioxidant properties…water helps us hydrate…cinnamon and honey combined have amazing healing qualities…

I am happy to see you looking good…a little tired…I know life is busy, but make sure to get proper rest…I want to see you for many years to come…

Blessed Be,


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  1. Great that the Boudica Circle is doing good, I have been feeling good too. It’s the small things, the white reflective sparkles in my pond or the smell of leafs burning on the bonfire, they all contribute to that feel good factor. Heck even the winter breeze from Iceland is refreshing, pass those long Jons wife and brace yourself, yehaooo!!!

    PS. Cranberry tea sounds wonderful, I’m on the case.