Tuesday, September 13, 2011

100 MPH with My Hair on Fire


I can handle ignorant people because they do not know better, but stupid people just burn my cookies;/…let me fill you in on my week so far…

In massage this week, the clients have been wonderful…I love my job and I am damb good at it…I wish we did not have a board of massage (they are worthless) and that we just reported straight to DOH…I actually got a call asking why so few people had renewed their licenses, did I have any ideas…it is simple, the cost is too high for the amount of money someone can make in this profession at the moment…I have an amazing massage and I charge $30 per hour because that is what the people in my area can afford…I work enough to help my husband, but no where near what I was making 4 years ago…if I did not have a mother and husband who believes is what I do, I too would have lost everything…

Yes, now we can talk about school…I got very upset this week as you know…a young woman who is a hyper-learner such as myself, got into a discussion with me about ‘can Chiropractor work on a bacterial infection’…the answer is NO and when I proved that to her she got upset…this is the second time/class this young woman has used me as her target…I did not say anything the first time, but this time I did…the school was quick to take action…I have to admit our school wants everyone to get the most from every class…in life (not just school), you will deal with people who are not nice…cope with them while you have to, be polite and or professional…then leave away from them as soon as possible…those are people who will never grow in mind or heart because they choose not to…

Chris, Rose and I have been playing the phone game as Mr. Branson can not seem to keep his service operable…I miss the cheerful British accents…Thankfully we are on hiatus or I would be ripping out my hair…lol…

This is why you have not found me…I jump into the Pimp Mobile with Yum Yum tied on Top and head for the beach…The Sunshine Paddle is going to be a tough trip on my body (don’t tell anyone, I am not 18 anymore…lol)…I had to be able to do 4 ½ MPH…sounds much easier than it is, thankfully I had idiots to upset me and made it work for me…yes, now even in choppy water 4 ½ MPH is no problem in Yum Yum (I can hardly wait until I have my sea yak)...I saw beautiful Ladyfish jumping from the water all week…I spent time with the girl scouts last week about a kayak day;) and will be spending time with Tami Longaberger of Longaberger Basket Company…I have written to her about sponsorship and hope to have a few minutes to chat with her tomorrow at the event she has invited me to…I have started working on logistics again…I have called my crew of snowbirds, athletic professionals, who will be helping me train and working on the body for me…they will take the 4 ½ MPH and make it last for 8 hours…endurance will be the next big hurdle

The Truth about Figs

One of the best things about figs is that they are delicious and so good for you! They are a wonderful food with natural healing properties. Figs are very high in fiber and various nutrients (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and protein).

Polyphenols are natural chemicals that you find in plants. They help to reduce your risk of cancer. Fortunately, figs happen to be very high in polyphenols. You'll also find a cancer fighting compound called benzaldehyde in figs. According to the research, benzaldehyde has the ability to shrink abnormal growths.

Figs make a great natural remedy because they have anti-parasitic, anti-ulcer, antibacterial, laxative, and emollient properties.

Fig syrup is another excellent fig remedy. It is a great tasting way to enjoy the benefits of these wonderful fruits. Fig syrup is great for coughs, sore throats, asthma, anemia, catarrh, colitis, gout, and digestive ulcers. You can easily make your own fig syrup at home.

1 pound of figs, 1 quart of water, ¼ cup sugar, Juice from 1 tangerine/orange

Cut up and clean figs, place into sauce pan with water, sugar and juice (I also add the squeezed fruit)…bring to a low boil for about 10 minutes…cool and refrigerate or freeze…can use over pancakes or French toast or it can be added to juice

If you call and I do not answer, I am either with a client or out Yakin on Yum Yum…Mabon is the 23rd…let me know if you will be by for dinner and the bon fire…I would love to see you there;)

Much Love and Many Blessings,


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