Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Press of the Flesh

Merry Meet,

I have been so busy…I am glad we have a minute to sit…would you like some pomegranate juice over ice?? Okay, I am ready, put your feet up and I will fill you in…

Massage has been awesome…clients have been helping me plot my trip and bringing in information…if you did not know I have the best clients in the whole world…the energy has been so great it over flows everywhere…my license renewal came in the mail…I feel bad that so very many could not afford to renew…I am thankful my parents believe in me that they would help me through this renewal process as the Dept of Health has made it so hard for Massage Therapists…did you know I have to take more continuing education than a nurse…kind of blows the mind when you think about it

School is going…I just keep reminding myself I will soon have a degree and I can get through this…it is not a hard subject, the teacher is…we will just say some teachers could teach you about dirt and have you excited to learn about it…while others make you want to smack someone with a wet noodle…anyone got a noodle?

American Boudica Publishing is still on hiatus at the moment…Chris has been MIA due to problems with his Virgin phone service…

In the Circle we had a waterside prayer session…it was beautiful and an attendance of 20 was the biggest we have seen in person…I feel a sense of community rather than government will get us back to work

The Sunshine Paddle has been a lot of work…my muscles are sore from working out…I have also been filling out a ton of sponsorship requests…I have also written letters to the Shark Lab, USF and the Audubon to see if they want any data collected while I am out there…I got to meet up with the Girl Scout Counsel of West Central Florida today at their is a neat building…I will meet with Tami Longaberger next week;)

When I was MUCH younger, I was a brownie and then a girl scout. When my daughters were younger, no troops were really available to them (they were USN Sea Cadets out of Tampa). After meeting with 2 young women today, I feel the program has gone through a revamping so to speak…I was so VERY IMPRESSED…I know many of you have not enrolled your girls, as at one point the program seemed to be all about cookie sales…one young lady sat and explained what was available now to the young ladies of the area (camping, swimming, kayaking, etc…), it warmed my heart to see what the program has become...Juliette Gordon Low would be proud…I had no idea how much it had changed or that so much was available again…if you have a daughter, check out your area and get her enrolled (it is not the same as 4H and does not give the same lessons- it would be great if they could do both)…if you do not have a daughter, buy a box of cookies and kill 2 birds with one stone…a young woman raised with a good sense of self and self esteem is FAR less likely to get beat…the very sweet women left me feeling better about the future…it sounds like they will try to pull a kayak day off;)

The animals get a little upset with me doing so much research…Chole shredded a book I had gotten for my daughter…when Quintus is ready for me, he throws himself across my feet with a loud sigh…with so much rain, they have not been allowed out much… it has been fun to watch Chole play in the puddles when they do go out

With so much rain the flowers are giving great fall color and each bloom looks more spectacular than the last…mowing is back to every 3 days…our fig has set fruit…I had never seen a natural long stemmed rose until this year…blooming happy this year

Do you have an mp3 player you like, that is easy 2 use, with lots of storage??? My friend Tim is helping me find one I can take with me on the kayak…I do not want apple as they can be a pain in the posterior…also looking for a dependable tablet…please message me your thoughts

Well my child, I need to study...I have to take my midterm tomorrow...I also need to work on more logistics for the trip my inner Capt. Phil...sleep is for the dead;)

Blessed Be,


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