Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Menu/ The Rules- I am 45 and in training

The Morning (4 a.m. - 11 a.m.)

No store bought eggs…only organic- this is not for nutrient factor, this is because I do not need extra hormones/shots that regular eggs carry- NO EXCEPTIONS…if I do not know if the egg is organic, I do not eat it

Oatmeal is my friend…Oat bread is not

ONLY whole grain breads- if I have bread…I miss pastry, but when my trip is done I can have doughnuts again;)

Raisin Bran, Total, Rice Krispies…I like all 3 and they are doing great things to help me get to the size I want…onto this I add one of my morning fruits (Banana, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, sliced apple)

Every morning there needs to be 2 at least of fruit…to the above list, I also add water melon, oranges, grapefruit (ruby red), limes, Mott’s applesauce…I buy NO FRUIT OR VEGATABLE FROM OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY (as over ½ the nutrient gets lost in irradiation)...

I do not allow myself to garbage down food…I also use a ½ size bowl…I think Longaberger calls them ice cream bowls, my mom could tell you…I also only use a salad plate as opposed to a dinner plate…my limit is 1 salad plate no more than 2 inches piled on top

Working with the body clock, this is also when I eat fish (fried/broiled/baked)…on these mornings I often eat spinach…Uncle Bens Whole Grain Brown Rice is quite good…an orange goes well with this…chop a lime, a lemon and an orange over some lovely haddock, bake at 350 and you will have a dish full of energy…

A shot of Pomegranate juice- this needs to be organic or as fresh as possible (i.e. Pomm or Boathouse)…this will round out the morning nutrient level

The Mid Day (11 a.m. - 3p.m.)

This is the time to eat any large meal…have fun with it…I have been making 98% of the food in the house…my husband ends up taking a lunch box instead of fast food, so as a side effect of this trip he is getting fed better;)…remember when things used to be from scratch, in my house they are again…full turkey dinner, meatballs and pasta, twice baked ziti, beef wellington, etc…if there is going to be any processing down around here, it will be by me…lol

I try for 2-3 fruits and veggies in this time slot too…for a snack, I have been known to make myself a bowl of carrots or spinach or summer squash/zucchini…do not be afraid, eating food can be fun…

For those who are at work during this time…PLAN AHEAD…make a lunch box…and stuff that is really good (or that is going to smell good when heated) bring extra…it is amazing how many new friends you will make and how much money you will save…for those with kids, they will start being the coolest kids at school;)

I am not big on the sweet potato and I am allergic to peppers and mushrooms so I happen to be picky…I only allow 2 helpings of potatoes a week on my plate (fried/ mashed/ baked)…this one is killing me…I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl…it is my personal opinion that French fries go with everything…this trip will soon be over and I will soon be able to have them again;)

NO CANDY- my nephew James will sneek some contraband past the guard…lol…Dale caught him and gave me the lecture about how far behind one candy bar could put me;/

I have a lot of love and support…there have also been a ton of people to give me crapp…If I could live through a beating then, I can handle this now…what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger…

I use whole butter, milk, soda, etc…nothing diet…long story short, it is far better for and more acceptable to the body…just keep a close eye on the intake…spinach, kale, collards all have as much calcium as 1 glass of milk…

The Evening (4 p.m. - sleep)

This is more snack than meal…a bowl of fruit for in front of the TV…if I am having a sweet fit I might have a bowl of frosted flakes or a bowl of applesauce or VERY small dish of ice cream…

I do make my own ice cream and most of my own juices…if I process things myself I know what is in it and where it came from

Fruits and veggies…do they need to be organic??? Not always…as long as it was produced in this country, in an area NOT known for soil issues, it does not NEED to be organic in most cases…although better to buy from a stand or farmers market…best is when you can grow your own…if the fruit or veggie has a skin that can be washed and or peeled…the biggest part of the concern is over…if it has a fir or soft or edible outer skin, I would go with organic…your concern here is pesticides and your intake of them…it is my honest opinion that cancer rate is due more to this than cigarettes in this country

NO SOY OR SOY PRODUCTS (do my best, in too many foods to avoid completely)

Red meat is once or twice a week…the rest is chicken or fish…

½ cup nuts every third day…I crush them and use them in cooking…a good base set of nutrients…

Immune systems being what they are, I try to keep up at least 1 citrus fruit with each meal…Oranges are great, but do not forget there are limes, lemons, tangerines…again, have fun and try them all;)

Supplements, I take daily...1cc of sub-lingual B complex...1cc sub-lingual D complex...Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg...Acidophilus...COQ10, I do not take a multi-V...with so many fruits and veggies it is not needed...I take fish oil 3 days a week...Vit. E only 1 day a week (Never take on the same day as fish oil)...

Once an hour I dance randomly or give a deep belly laugh...this does bring about some strange looks, but you will feel positive efect after 2 weeks;)

I am doing my best to be ready for my journey and all of the physical demands it will make on my body…sit and speak with your doctor…food is medicine and can be used to help you obtain your life goals better than any medication;)

Blessed Be,

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