Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pole Dancing at 4 a.m.

Thank you for coming by to work out with me…with trying to build endurance, it has been important to work out at least 2 hours a day...thank Goddess for a good youtube playlist…an hour in the morning to get me going and an hour at night before bed…here try some fresh juice…it is apple, carrot and celery…it is a great way to cool down...I keep on working the menu

Massage this week has been a great help…to focus on hands and muscle make the rest of the world spin away…finding the zone of the body proper…the patient feels amazing and you have gone to a place on a few can go and come back with a view of the body on a cellular level…I love my job

I have passed Intro to Chiropractic with a B…I am okay with that…Tomorrow starts my next class…Fundamental Principals of Ayurveda…I am very excited…The text is cool and I have heard great things about the teacher

The UK connection has been better this week…I always do better when I can hear them…Rose as always come to the table with good ideas and advice….while Chris’s mind is just a fun place to play…lol…Chris is producing a few paintings at the moment and enjoying the last bits of good weather before winter sets in…Boudica is on the move…film at 11

The Sunshine Paddle has been a beautiful thing…I am so blessed to be chosen for this journey…my husband and children have been very supportive…even if my friends think I am crazy, they are doing all they can to help…yesterday, I shipped the basket I won at the Longaberger Fall Tour- it is a 1 of 5 Basket - Tampa Edition…I requested it be given as an award to a person who helps the shelter…Longaberger is such a special product, it made me feel special to pass it along…blessings have been coming from unexpected places…we have had a 14 foot sit in Yak donated from MA…the shipper (Land/Air Express- MA) has donated part of the cost of shipping and a Father from Ohio is sending money to help with the rest of the shipping…I will be going to check out a racing Yak (19 foot- sit on top) today…if it fits me, Janice of Always Better Care Lawn Mower Service here in Wesley Chapel will be donating it…my heart swells with all the love and community…that only leaves an RV type gadget and lap top for big ticket items…YEA…

In the Circle last night we had a small, strong, beautiful bon fire…the Mabon skies were almost magical…I so felt a part of something so much bigger than myself…it was all very spiritual…I am blessed

Monday is almost here…can you feel it…its my birthday…YEA…I will be 46 and still at the level of pretty fudging awesome…yes, I am happy about my age…do you know how hard I worked to get here or how many did not arrive with me…my peeps in MA will celebrate with me when I arrive on my journey…my Florida peeps have been celebrating with me for a week and I am sure it will continuing for another week or 2;)

Please keep in mind with small dogs and babies that their noses are much closer to the ground than ours are…what we clean our floors with can have a toxic effect on small animals and babies…also if you are on a medicated crème, think before you transfer your medicine to a small animal or child…what is medicine for you could be poison to them…another piece of info for the file cabinet in the back of your brain…

During fall, you may want to brush animals just outside the door before you let them in…not only to keep the house clean, but also to keep the pollen away from house plants…another tid bit for the cabinet

I will be catching waves on the Yak in the morning…May you all be blessed with a love for life

Blessed Be,


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