Sunday, October 2, 2011

Feeling Cosmic

Hello Sunshine,

How are you…you look like fall is doing well by you;)…yes, I have been in a peaceful mood for days…with hard work things are coming together…

Massage has been very productive…marketing has been a push lately (isn’t it always though)…the clients make it fun

I am so into my new class…it is a lot to take in…I am loving it…Ayurvedic Medicine is so encompassing, I would call it a lifestyle…

American Boudica Publishing is going through computer upgrades in our American offices while on hiatus…thank you for this consideration

My birthday was wonderful…I am now 46…it is a beautiful space to be and I am happy to be here;)

The Circle of Boudica has been alive with chant and prayer…the giving of thanks has been abound…not for wealth, but for the amount of love shared and received…love and faith far out way money…I am not saying money is not important, but it is not the priority…if it is your top priority, I would feel sorry for you as you would have missed so much of what is so good…the best things in life money can not buy

We have hit a cold snap this weekend…nights have dipped into the 60s…I am getting some beautiful color in the garden and the lawn is plush…Cooper got home and has been helping me clean up the yard for fall…the rainy season gave everything such a boost, weed flowers (small, white with yellow centers) have grown 8-10 feet tall…he has been befuddled and amazed…the lawn is like a soft green carpet…I have enjoyed rolling around out there with the dogs

The SunshinePaddle website has gone through so many updates, please stop by often to keep up to date…on my birthday we got a donation of a 17 foot Dagger- Magellan Kayak…we named her the Blue Horizon…we have had other ups and downs…this can be followed in the Captain’s Log   

On a medical note…have you really considered the apple, it is a really neat food…each different preparation has different nutrient qualities…it works on teeth, digestive and brain…they are low calorie with a low glycemic load…this basically means the body accepts the nutrient easily and uses them readily…

I will be putting the Blue Horizon through her first sea trials on Saturday in Sarasota after she gets her check out at Economy Tackle…I would love for you to join us…I will be leaving early and spending the day…feel free to e-mail me or call (813)907-6279,  if you wish to join us…

May the wind be at your back;)


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