Thursday, October 20, 2011

Need for a Peaceful Journey

It 3 am, thank you for letting me in…I am not violent by nature, but at this point I could beat the red out of a side of beef…I am not threatening ANYONE…just stating my muscles are pumped and in a heightened state of awareness…I know the weather is bad, but I may go paddle anyway…you can’t wear inmate orange for beating on the ocean

Massage is fine…the clients have kept me busy this week

School is great…I got a solid B in Ayurveda…worked hard and very proud of it…my next class is ‘Detoxing the Body and Supplements’…

AmericanBoudica Publishing is closed this week…Chris’s Mom has gone to meet the Goddess…she was a great woman and a wonderful friend…she is survived by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren…I will miss her

In the Circle this week, we have mourned…I have been watching a member turn deeply to drugs (pills)…though I have reached out, it has done no good…this is more than frustrating…I also worked with a young member who has a sister pass due to cancer…being a caregiver is not easy…this Samhain will be hard

Last week, I spent 4 days on the water…the Sunshine Paddle website has been updated…working hard to get all dates confirmed…if you have ideas please give me a call…I cannot do this alone…if you have equipment to donate or want to make a donation of cash or information you feel will help please call (813) 907-6279 or e-mail…Friday, I will be at Meadow Point #3 doing rescue/safety rolls in The Blue Horizon…Saturday, I will be getting her rudder pegs fixed and her stern bulkhead reinforced…

Our last days of summer have left the yard awash in color…the animals are feeling frisky in the cooler weather…the fall plants are starting to spring up…Cooper has been doing a good job around the yard..His roses look like beautiful bouquets on the front lawn

Thank you for being here…I know I can only do the best I can do…it is just sometimes, I wish it were more...

Be Blessed,


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