Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Silent All These Years


How are you today…I am well…it has been a beautiful fall…life is moving at a good pace and I with it…

Massage has started picking up…I love this time of year…being able to mix hot and cold therapies is fun…I have found 2 new crooner CDs…always a good thing…I found this young guy, Matt Dusk…good sound

School is going well…I am working VERY hard in this class, but it is so worth it…fabulous teacher…Ayurveda is complex and simple at the same time

American Boudica is currently happening, so we may write more of our story;)…Chris and I are currently looking for a converter or at least someone to show me how…the tech guys at adobe do not know there product well enough to answer advanced questions…it is my hope to get Book 3 out soon

In the Circle this week entered the 1 pound grandchild of a friend, we lost a loving mother in-law of a member…thank you all for the very loving energy you sent to both…I let a dozen roses go over the water as an offering…may you all feel blessed

The gardens are changing to their fall colors…it is quite lovely, this is the first year my cactus has bloomed …even the weeds seems to be flowering…it has now cooled down to the high 80s and the high 70s at night…the deep heavy soaking rains will help us through the long dry winter...

The animals seem to be full of themselves in this cool weather…Chole loves the water and enjoys splashing in the puddles…the rest of the crew hates the water…they go out only long enough to do their business and beeline for the door, kinda funny…the motor blew on the fish air pump, so we had to get a new one…the pond has been filled to the top with all the rain, funny the fish never try to swim out…they must be happy at home;)

The SunshinePaddle has left me feeling blessed…in a few days I will be paddling with some really awesome people and I feel very privileged…I have been working hard on this and to watch it all come together leaves me in awe often…Janice says we are doing the right thing and this is why we have been so blessed…

I read an article today that was very upsetting…the author tried to defend a wife beater…in the article she states the woman feared, as he continued to threaten to take her children and she killed one child, thought she had killed the second and was attempting to kill herself…this is where her found her, took a flashlight and beat her to death…STOP…the woman feared…was she a nut or did he beat her…why were the woman and children not removed to safety or the children not removed temporarily until she got help…this woman was having a problem…why did it get this far…people (especially her husband) today are afraid to stand up and do the right thing…I have no sympathy for him as he had options he did not take and a fear like the woman carried does not come from nowhere…I feel bad for the child who lived, she has lost both parents…for her I will pray…as for the author of such an ignorant piece of work, I will be thankful she has never been battered and will pray she never knows such fear or reality…I will also pray she writes on subjects she has a flare for…it really irks me when people who have no concept of what that life is try to understand it…I can never understand the need to belittle someone as to threaten the children in any way shape or form…if you know someone who has mentally stepped out and children are involved, pull up your big kid panties and help…do the right thing;)

Thank you…I feel much better now

Dandelion-aka Taraxacum officinale (Composite Family) - The leaves of this plant are a powerful diuretic. The roots are a blood purifier which helps remove toxins from the liver and kidneys. Because it is high in vitamins and iron, this herb is useful for treating anemia.

Be Blessed,


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