Friday, October 28, 2011

lunatic fringe this week

Merry Meet,

How are you? I am better….it has been a HARD week…I am okay…Northern by birth and Southern by the grace of the Goddess, make me strong enough to hunker down and handle it…though I have to admit I was pretty close to the lunatic fringe this week…Samhain will be here soon

Massage has been slow…it has given me time to clean the room and clear the energy…the room is always awesome when I feel centered…it is the new music time of year…

School is awesome…the class is called Detoxing and Healing and quite cool…the teacher has done major sports events…it is nice to have someone who understands the words ‘IN TRAINING’…I am lucky both Everglades University and Sanford Brown Institute stand behind and support me in all my dreams….My Instructor, who made Massage sing in Sanford Brown- got made dept chair shortly after I left, will now be going across the country helping other programs…Rod Kelly is a most AMAZING man…I am excited for him and excited for the people who will be able to learn from him (you are in for a big treat)

American Boudica Publishing will reopen in January…on Thursday we had a service for Chris’s mom in England…she is dearly missed…my Publishing computer has to go to the computer doctor…Chris has been working on his painting (actually gotten quite good) and has been given time at some art fairs…so proud of him…both of us working diligently on the paddle…we feel it best to hold closed until after the holiday

The Circle has been a very hard place to deal with…I had to deal with an addiction of someone who is close…painful, very muddy energy…I helped a friend be strong enough to help a family member die…very clear energy of love but, very sad…the grandchild of a friend passed away after a heavy hospital battle for life…I cried for the parents…their life has changed forever and not as they expected…while everyone prayed for the baby, I prayed for 2 kids who are in so much pain…pink energy sent…this left me quite drained and surrounded by negative energy…Trish listened without asking and Janice took me to the ocean…both of which were needed…I am blessed…Samhain season is always hard…kind of like the Goddess is clearing her slate for winter…I have been accepting paper scraps for a week…this year I will be having a private bon fire…I am feeling the need for focus and energy…the life lesson this year…when life gets hard- do the best you can and give the rest over…sounds simple, implementation is a whole other story…

The SunshinePaddle has also been difficult to deal with…it is a lot more work than one would think…the workout is the easy part…I have some awesome help and it is still quite is a positive charge to the soul though

We are now coming into fall here in Florida…the lawn has sort of stopped growing and the flowers are starting to change…Dad’s fig tree is loaded with figs…farms loaded with fall fruits and veggies…the smell of autumn in Florida…when I workout in the back yard, the change of season is notable…

Cold Remedy

Make a fine powder of the following:

--Basil leaves (dried in shade) 300 Gms
--Cinnamon 50 Gms
--Bay leaf 100 Gms
--Aniseeds (fennel) 200 Gms
--Cardamom 200 Gms
--Red sandal-wood 200 Gms
--Dried orange-peel
25 Gms

Take two teaspoonfuls of this mixture and boil it with about 2 cups water till half the quantity of water is left. Add honey (and milk if preferred) and drink it like tea twice a day.

It is Friday, I must be off….Be Blessed:)


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  1. Oh my beautiful friend, who makes the world a better place, simply by being a part of it!!! She can deal with stress and carry heavy burdens. She smiles when she feels like screaming, and she sings when she feels like crying. Her love is unconditional. Today is… 'love you day.' Pass this to every beautiful person you know. Remind them that there unique. Tell ten crazy friends you love them. You're spoiled if you get 5 back!