Monday, December 5, 2011

Yule Tide Rolling

Hello my friend,

            Muddville has been a happening place this week…I am glad you made time to help me wrap these presents…thank you so much…here is a roll of paper, tape and I have a cutter gadget for you…life waters’ are in the fridge if you want one…it has been a busy week- positive, but difficult…let me fill you in

            Massage has been picking up…my snowbirds are flying in- this has been great because when they left I was fat and smoked, I love the looks I am getting:)…the bodywork has been flowing and so has conservation…my local patients are keeping scrapbooks of how things are going…we are all working toward better health…can any therapist ask for more?

            In school, Naturopathy is a very interesting subject…last week was my midterm and a paper…this is not a great deal of work, but on a packed week it seemed huge…lol…thankfully it is a subject I have passion for and that makes it much easier

            American Boudica is focused on The Sunshine Paddle at the moment…Chris has been working with his daughter in Painting…her name is Kay Bilton…keep an eye out, her work is fab and I am sure if she sticks with it she will be quite successful…she has an acute eye for movement and motion…I am also praying for a Yule miracle for the old computer, that we can at least salvage the information from her Motherboard

            The Circle has been a giving place this holiday…15 children of 4 different religions in 5 countries will have a holiday this year…I have a wonderful congregation and I am thankful for each member…it is a true feeling of being blessed to be a part of it…the best present I could get is to be surrounded by such wonderful people…

            The Sunshine Paddle has been a blessing this week…The 8th Annual Peace Breakfast for The Sunrise Shelter at the Tampabay Golf and Country Club was very moving…I had to go to Sarasota to check on my boat…it was Walter and my 13th Anniversary…I called Siesta Bike and Kayak Rental and Scotty had me call Siesta Key Bungalow…I explained to Gayle the pinch I was in and she offered to help me out…OMG…what a beautiful blessing…we got to paddle through the Neville Reserve at sunset…Walter is gaining confidence…we got back to see the last of the sunset in the Gulf of Mexico…Lance had recommended Captain Curt’s Crab  Bar…it was clean and had good food…the bungalowwas fit for a princess on a beach holiday…Gayle brought out the girlie pirate in me…lol…the next morning we caught sunrise at the public beach…I understand why it is voted the #1 beach…VERY Romantic…Walter gave me a paddle with blades that match the Blue Horizon and I got him a metal detector for when he has to wait on shore for me…the perfect practice/ anniversary weekend cap off was at the Orange Octopus…YUM

            I saw an article this week about how Florida was the most depressed state in the country…I do not agree with that statement…since the economy went belly up here first and unemployment is high…people are worn out, but are still quick with a joke and boisterous with laughter…we have a lot of fun and understand how to hunker down…our state has its very own Peyton Place- past and present, beautiful beaches that you do not have to be beautiful to walk and great food served by cooks before they become famous…I have been up and down the west coast and middle of the state for practice and found this to be true all over the state…I chose Florida many years ago…it is my home and I love it here…I guess they wrote the article with some facts they looked up and did not understand this state or her people

            We have color popping up all over the yard…while in Siesta Key, we saw a lot of color…I love the Palm Trees all decorated in holiday lights…I thought about getting some solar holiday lights for my cactus…maybe next year…we are trying to cut the electric bill to help save for the trip as donations have been slow;/

            A question was posed to me about the smell or lack thereof in my house since I have 4 dogs and a cat…I sweep 3-4 times a day…I mop once or twice a day…animals get bathed once a week…I have removed all carpet…they also get walked and brushed several times a day…it’s a lot of work…I would not trade them for the world;)

Herbal Healing Salve

1 cup herb infused oil (in this case lemon mint)

1 - 2 oz. Beeswax

2 Tablespoons Honey

10 capsules Vitamin E Oil

½ tsp. each tea tree and lavender essential oils

In a small pan, gently heat the herb infused oil, honey and beeswax until barely melted. Cut or poke the vitamin E capsules open, and squeeze the vitamin E oil into the beeswax/oil mixture. Remove from heat, and add the essential oils. Pour a tiny amount of the salve mixture onto waxed paper or into a container to cool. Test it for thickness - if you'd like it to be harder, add more beeswax. If you'd like it to have a thinner balm, add more oils.

When you're satisfied with the consistency, pour the balm into clean, sanitized jars and let cool. This all-purpose salve can be used for cuts, scrapes, splinters, diaper rash, burns, rashes, or for dry skin.

Well honey, I am tired and we have everything ready except for the few that have yet to be delivered….again…many thanks for pitching in…may you make time to help those who help others this season…give someone the gift of laughter…its free and is usually returned right away- in a good way…lol…Merry Yule

Blessed Be,


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