Sunday, December 18, 2011

Girly Pirate in the House- Yule Tide Rollin

Merry Meet,

Here are your presents…it is just a few things I thought you would like…I know I have not decorated this Christmas- I am not Christian, nor was Jesus born in December but this holiday season has been called Christmas and should be left alone….politically correct is for stupid people who do not believe in tradition...

I thank you for asking about massage…the line of the body has me entranced and finding the plane of the muscle works the mind with the body…there has been so much chatter lately, that music has hardly been played…my clients have been doing well and it is great to see them enjoying so much motion...great energy

School has been hard work, but what a great class…Naturopathy is natural medicine…I want to be an ND…this is why I study so many hours…my grades have to be the best to get funding…I finished the class this week with an A…my next class starts Jan. 2

American Boudica has been quiet…the crone computer is at the doctor…I hope to see her at the start of February…Doctor Dave takes good care of her…Chris has been working with many different mediums- paint, digital, photo…really interesting things come from his mind…

The Circle has been a place of reflection and prayer this week…I wanted a quiet holiday so, I made sure all was wrapped up last week…I made sure in the Circle, parents have gifts to put under trees and food for the table…thank you for the donations…I will be having the holiday meal here…please call to let me know if you will attend (813)907-6279…I would love to hear your voice:)

The SunshinePaddle has been working me quite hard both mentally and physically…I went to Sarasota to pick up the Blue Horizon…strange how much I missed her…maybe like so many seamen before me, my boat has become a part of me… George at EconomyTackle is awesome…had her waiting at the beach for me…Lee and I rushed through the paperwork and he sent me to George at the beach…the Girly Pirate jumped in the Blue Horizon and off they went in the Gulf of Mexico…way too cool…just a happy Pirate…I must have been on Santa’s good list…I am excited to have so many people pitching in to help, it is a really positive charge…if you have equipment please call  (813)907-6279 or you can make a donation thru paypal

It has been unseasonably warm   this year…many blooms are still in production here…looking around there are bursts of color everywhere…I should be in pants by now, but I am still in shorts…hmmm…

I have something to work the mind- Who would you invite to dinner? Pick 3 people…alive or dead…if dinner was served and all you had to do is eat and converse, how would that conversation start?

Please make time to make at least 1 person smile- it would be better if you could make them laugh…just sayin…this will release hormones to help the body keep itself healthy…both theirs and yours…May your holiday be special

Blessed Be,

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