Friday, November 18, 2011

East Bound and Down, Load it up and Paddle it

Good Morning,
How are you doing this morning….hope you are ready for an interesting conversation….the battered women’s syndrome has been hard core this week and made speaking difficult thing, but here I speak through my fingers…yes, the cooler weather has everyone a bit frisky…I am in high production mode until the start of January…then I will start training on the east coast

Massage has been picking up…it is time for paraffin again…this makes everyone happy (I only use fresh organic paraffin- so it is only here once a year)…my patients are fab…we work together at keeping them healthy and happy…recently a client had quit his supplements….he said ‘I was just tired of them’…when he felt the difference, he came to me and said ‘help, I want to feel good again’…if maintenance medicine is done properly- you should feel nothing unless you stop…it is good to have your supplements checked once a month until you are balanced, then approx. every 3 moths…

American Boudica is working on magazine articles at the moment…I am still trying to reach the computer doctor, but do not think he will be seen until after the holiday…Chris has been painting, I hope to see them posted soon…his work is quite impressive

School has been awesome…I got an 89 in ‘Cellular Detox and Healing’….it is a real feeling I have that I will one day be a doctor…a natural doctor…I love what I do and hope to make a difference

In the Circle, we have an ill child…she is thin and fighting in her lungs…her family is worried…please pray for her and send whatever healing energy you can…please burn blue and yellow candles for healing…

I will be bringing the tropical’s in this weekend…the temps are starting to drop below 50…the hard part will be keeping the critters away from them…I hope the figs will be ready to harvest this week…though, I think dad has been eating them off the vine…lol

Chole is now 75lbs and learning to work with his size…he has no idea how big he is and tries to do all the things the other dogs do, but they are much smaller…this creates some quite funny encounters…he will be a year next month…where did the time go…

The SunshinePaddle has had a ton of office work to do…I will be on the paddle this weekend…for those who wish to join me call (813)907-6279…I am very excited that Mrs. Marilyn Lemay will be sewing some things for the trip…I picked up the fabric and made a video…will be neat to see what happens:)

Storing Dried Herbs
  1.     Store your dried herbs in air tight containers, Zip lock closing bags will do.

2.     Be sure to label and date your containers.

3.     Your herbs will retain more nutrient if you store the leaves whole and crush them when you are ready to use them.

4.     Discard any dried herbs that show the slightest sign of mold or other pathogen.

5.     Place containers in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

6.     Dried herbs are best used within a year.

7.     As your herbs lose their color, they are also losing their nutrient.

I know my mouth usually runith over and many have been wondering why as of late I have been kind of quiet…I have a public image and a private image…my private image is for family and close friends…though we are VERY sarcastic and in a constant state of flux, we have always been close…at the moment, I feel this has been lost to me…I have been fighting for my own children…whether it be passive resistance or outright tearing ass, you see I love them first and would kill or die for all 38…I hear ya…they are over 18 and I have no control or so many would tell me about being legal…at 18 the Goddess did not come down and tell me that I am no longer responsible and hers is the law I will follow…I have been deep in quandary…maybe time on the water will help

May your holiday be blessed


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