Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hooked on a Feeling

Pull up a chair…I know I look tired, but I feel good…I got your messages…this week has been running at a break neck pace…here, enjoy some pomegranate juice and I will fill you in…

Massage has been great…I have been helping new therapists start their own business and trading information with others…I love my old Dean Martin CD…it is a 72 minute run and every client this week has let me work through the whole thing…the energy has been great…

Chris and I will be ready to release a special project at the end of next week…He and Rose are getting ready to tape Chapter 2 of the ‘Family, Friends and Funerals’ book…I am awaiting the demo copy of book 2 (Chronicles of an American Boudica, Love is Like an Onion), as soon as I approve it they will release it…my fingers are crossed that it will be perfect...

School has been difficult…I thought I would breeze through the computer class…Thank Goddess for a great teacher…I learned many new tricks and programs…I have to admit it was NOT easy….the meltdown I had with the Excel program…learning excel sucks…knowing excel is very useful…then for my final tests, the computer kept kicking me off causing me to fail…the teacher let me take them from a different computer and I was back to passing…my streak of A is still happening…YEA!!!!! My new class is American literature. I am very excited as this will teach me many new writing skills.

This was a great week for the Circle of Boudica…the Induction Ceremony was beautiful…I was honored by the presence of Lady Sabrina…since it is a very private thing there is not much I can say…however, I would like to thank those who sent wood from all over the world…the fire sparkled and smelled beautiful…the moon was clear and bright and I felt like the Goddess hung it just for me…I had to pinch myself…I now hold the title of Lady Dorraine…I now have members to our community and this community’s Book of Mysteries has been started…the first priestess training class starts October 1…I will also be preparing the young mothers on how to make the Samhain holiday fun for the kids…Samhain will be our first full service around the bon fire…I am attempting to hook up the webcam for those in our community around the world to join us…for any information please contact our Bard, Mr. Bilton...

Today I turn 45…what a wonderful feeling…often times in my younger years, I did not think I would make it this far…it took many people working hard to get me here…I work hard everyday so all their work is not wasted and in hopes to make them proud that they gave someone a chance…life is good and I have been blessed…my birthday wish is for all of my friends and family to feel so blessed…

Recipe for Herbal Tincture

1. Chop the fresh or dried herb and place it in a sterilized mason jar. The more finely chopped the herb becomes the more easily the plant material will be extracted. Coffee grinders are ideal for grinding dried herbs into powder. Food processors and vitamix blenders are often used for chopping or grinding fresh herbs.

2. Determine the amount of alcohol to add by determining the weight of the plant material. Alcohol should be added at a 1:5 ratio for dried herbs and 1:2 ratio for fresh herbs. One ounce of dried plant material would require 5 ounces of alcohol. One ounce of fresh plant material would require 2 ounces of alcohol. Pour the alcohol into the jar covering the herb. Vodka is commonly used alcohol for making herbal tincture.

3. Seal the mason jar with a sterilized lid and place it in a cool dark place. Label the jar with the date of preparation and the herbal contents. Shake the herbal tincture each day for two weeks.

4. After two weeks, strain the plant material from the herbal tincture using cheesecloth. Herbal tinctures should always be stored in dark colored, glass bottles. A dropper is ideal, as it will allow the herbal tincture to be dispensed at specific ratios. Label the dropper bottle with the date and type of herbal tincture.

May your week be wonderful…please take time to let me know how you are all doing


I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful Harvest Moon

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Lady Dorraine, I'm really pleased you have reached the title of Lady, I feel privileged to be the 'Bard' too, how cool is that!! The world suddenly seems a more optimistic place. Good health to all members of the Boudica Circle, may we all prosper and be fruitful in our chosen paths.