Saturday, September 11, 2010

Busy Times

Come in…sit down…relax…it has been a ‘hit the ground running’ type of week…I have fallen for the Simply Raspberry Lemonade…I will pour some over ice for you…I am feeling much better this week, thank you for asking…

My massage business has been hopping…I was really feeling the flow…the clients were happy as each massage went over by 10-15 minutes…I really enjoy seeing them feel better when they leave…okay lets talk business…since our business is one of a personal nature, marketing is a tricky issue…I have spent a lot of money over the years and some of it was truly NOT worth it…postcards were one of those bad ideas…only 1 in 9 appreciate it/ 3-5 of the same 9 will actually get upset…if you run an advert in a local paper…please be careful, you may entice more than clients…I have a cool little flyer that I advert in at times and have gotten great results…I used to try the local major paper- this brought me a lot of freaks and police (either way not a good thing)…craigslist is not a great idea either…I used to advert on there until almost every call from there was a freak or a cop…massage is my passion and I love my job…I want to work on people who need me and not play childish games with people who waste my time…

School has been a catch up this week…the computer class is great…though I wish I had a typist stand to hold the book up while I am trying to do my work at the computer…I have learned a lot of new tricks around Microsoft office…I have even built my first power point…Thank Goddess for an understanding teacher…he has allowed me to make up the work from last week…it feels good to be getting caught up

Waiting for the release of book 2 is like being pregnant and waiting for the baby…I have 2 more weeks to go…I am in love with the updated video that Chris has done with Chapter 1 of Family, Friends and Funerals…the sound is something we are working on…we are new to the video shoot game…thank you for having patients with us…Rose and Chris are out shooting Chapter 2 this weekend…I am not thrilled with how my massage videos turned out, but I have many ideas how we will make them better…Don has been helpful…even though he has started a new job, he has made sure to call and has started applying new knowledge so that he will help us make a great website…so very cool

Okay…so now you want to know why I look so stressed…we are currently in hurricane season…this means rain every afternoon with a lot of lightening…a bolt dropped down on the street beside our house…we are all fine, but it did damage in both homes on my property…at the folks- mom’s computer got fried, dad’s computer had the Ethernet card blow, on the back of his house the flood lights blew, his water heater blew up too…at our house the modem for the phone got blown up, the computer one went sideways, and 2 new holes popped in the roof…with work, school and Boudica- lets just say I was ready to hurt people…dad went to best buy and got a new Ethernet card…I told mom to call the home insurance about her computer…Walter replaced the water heater for dad…Heckle and Jeckle in Home Depot…this was truly a laugh riot…Walter rewired the flood lights…Brighthouse was quick…my phone was only down 2 days…they replaced the modem and sent signal to the other…Walter, Don and Dale will be climbing on the roof to lay down the new membrane…so everything got handled, but what an unholy orgasm…and of coarse mom is in Maine this week

The animals are shedding…all the dogs have short thin hair…so when we get to this point of the year they all look so bald…the cat is leaving white hair everywhere…when I sweep, due to the high amount of animal hair, I take it out to the back yard and dump it beside the compost heap…this way the critters out there can build their winter nest…the pond fish are putting on their winter weight…their colors are so bright…my bird house got blown out of the tree in this weeks storm…funny, we used deck screws to put it up…they are still in the tree…a mouse family tried to move into the house…Walter suddenly became the hunter…he tried glue traps…that was a waste of money…I showed Walter the glue trap and said, ‘It looks like Ming’s Chinese Theatre’, and pointed to the little foot prints left in the glue…he then tried the old snap traps…he got one…he was so happy…after a few more days he got some decon…I do not like that stuff for several reasons…he got the rest of the family, but God made him pay for it…they died in the walls and my house has stunk to high heaven all week

The garden and pool have been a happy place…the heat has broken and the flowers are starting to pop out…it is quite beautiful…we have had swarms of butterflies…I wish I could paint…I know where the renaissance artists’ got their inspiration…my little blue jay has been patrolling the air above the roof top and fighting with any bird who tries to enter the yard…I get a huge belly laugh out of it, because he usually loses…the osprey couple has come in early this year…it is good to see them…the female hawk is still hanging out…I think she has a thing for dad…my Cosmo rose has started blooming again and has taken pink to a whole new level…Dad’s front box has every flower in bloom right now…it looks like they will spill into the yard…we have had a pair of parrots hanging out too…I think someone let them go…sadly that happens a lot here in the country

Thank you to all of those who have been sending wood for my Induction ceremony…I feel as though I am ready for this honor…the first meeting of The Circle of Boudica will be 9/28/10 at 8 pm…if you can not make it all e-mail/letters will be read to the group unless otherwise requested…Our Bard Chris Bilton will be handling the news letter…please contact him if you wish to receive a copy ( …We will be getting ready for Samhain and praying for a bountiful harvest

The kids are doing well…the grandkids are well…my friends are outstanding…I still do farmtown on facebook…even though we are scattered all over the world now, we get to play…it is fun, but I do miss everyone…I am thinking on renting a house in NC for a week this winter…I know, I have not left Florida in 10 years…I will be close to all the girls and grandkids…Dansir is hoping to go with me…then we can have a really good time…I love the words road trip…I have been streaming a lot of Netflix…I love it…NO disks to mess with…At my table the games we play the most are- cribbage, chapel rummy, phase 10, scrabble, Yahtzee and Darts (these are on the wall)…we have a game going almost every day…I have Othello that the others play…I got to the point where I could not loose, so it became boring…Endless Ocean is a great educational game for the Wii…it is only one player…I enjoy it…you really feel like you are there swimming with all of these wonderful creatures…I just got finished reading The Art of War…I found it interesting and applicable to many parts of my life…

Want to boost the immune system for fall and winter? I have the best recipe…

Stuffed Peppers

1 Garlic- whole clove (roasted)

1 Onion (chopped finely)

1 lb Hamburger

½ lb Pork (ground)

1 Can stewed tomatoes

1 package Knorr Spanish rice

4 Large peppers (make sure they can sit flat)

6T Parmesan cheese

2C Mozzarella cheese

1 Jar tomato sauce

1/8 t of the following spices marjoram, thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano and basil

Cut around the top edge of peppers, clean and put on to boil

Put a little olive oil in a fry pan and add the onions, cook until soft

Add hamburger, pork and garlic and cook until brown

When brown, drain and place in mixing bowl (cover with towel to keep warm)

Put Rice on to cook (In a bowl mix spices and add to rice)

Line baking pan with tinfoil and add 2C sauce to the bottom

Drain peppers and seat them in the sauce

In the mixing bowl, add parmesan cheese and stewed tomatoes with hamburger and pork

Add rice and mix again

Spoon mixture into the peppers

Add ½ C of Mozzarella to cap off the peppers

Cook at 350f for approx 30 minutes

I am so glad you came to visit…I know you have a busy life and must be on your way…I am going to listen to Bob Marley and clean the pool…May your day be blessed



  1. The marketing advice is solid gold, if only the bozos out there would read it, all free too.
    Glad to hear all is safe at ‘Boudica Headquarters, sounds like the heavens opened down your way. Mother Nature sure knows how to throw a tantrum.
    Love the idea about Walter becoming the hunter. I know the feeling, it come easy to us men-folk when we have to seek and destroy vermin. I know it’s a shame but wildlife in the home is a no-no. Even cavemen must have slugged the occasional dinomouse.
    May The Circle of Boudica meeting be a zonking success and bring all our wishes to fruition. Peace and love to all.