Saturday, April 30, 2011

24 Days and Counting

I am glad you came to sit in the pool with me…it has been a helluva week in Muddville…relax, and I will fill you in…

I only saw 2 massage clients this week and worked with 3 clients on their respective menu/supplement choices…this left me with a good feeling on life…

School is on spring break and my new class starts tomorrow…’The Meaning of Health’…the title is interesting…I will fill you in on the class;)

I felt it is time for me to quit smoking cigarettes…I have now been tobacco free for 24 days…this is most of the reason I have been hiding out at home…breaking a 35 year addiction/ habit is in NO way easy…the Chantix made it much easier…though it still has been no joy ride…emotional is an understatement and my body has placed me in a few awkward situations

The Chantix makes it quite hard to focus…Chris and Rose have been supportive…lack of focus has made it quite hard to write…when I freewrite at the moment it comes out quite dark and twisted…not something anyone should see…vulgar and not in a good way…I feel frustrated, but I know this will pass with time…it is my body’s way of punishing me for taking away the tobacco

Since I have had alone time I have been able to get some reading done…I am part of the Amazon vine program…they sent me this book to write a review on…OMG, my friends…talk about AWESOME…if you are female and over age 35…there are just questions you always wished you could ask…the name of the book is ‘A Chronicle of Death, Life, and Vegetables’ by Joan Dye Gussow…she is very direct and very funny with a great deal of wisdom mixed in…so very much worth the read…truly amazing woman and all I am left with is how humble she really is

Mellissa and the lawn have been keeping me out in the yard…her husband has been a big help…the deep breathing has been helping greatly keeping me going…the end product is a beautiful garden…I have been fighting a cloud in the pool…the ph is correct…the chlorine count is good…it is this fine particles the pool is cleaning out of the air in my yard…I have tried a few old tricks before I rush out to try chemicals…

A long time family friend, Mary Folan of Norwood, MA passed away. She was a great woman and I lucky to have known her. She will be survived by her daughter Kathleen. Any of us should be so blessed with such a child.

Walter is now on a 12 on/12 off schedule…we are now trying to readjust our schedule at home…there have been a few bumps in the road, but we are getting used to it

I went out baby shopping for all our newborns in the Circle…I am excited…I shipped the packages to England and Chicago…I am putting the local ones together to deliver…I also sent a movie night out to North Carolina…I feel it is the closest I will get Tris to celebrate Beltane

I hope you are blessed and all is well…


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