Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Time of Mourning

Thank you for coming,

Shinara Ku started developing tumors about 3 months ago…we regrettably had to return her to the Goddess today…a sweet ding-bat and a wonderful friend…we buried her beside Cosmo…I would love to thank the wonderful staff of Kindness Animal Hospital (Nebraska Ave, Tampa)…They have helped me with my animals for 10 years…really great people…she will be deeply missed

I am 3 days without tobacco…it has been a true battle…I have only gotten this far because of the Chantix (day 12)…I have been a little out of sorts…I am starting to come back around…thank you for understanding

Massage has kept my mind occupied…I have not been able to focus enough to write…the puppies have kept me on the run…Chole is growing more everyday…my guitar lessons are going okay…my fingers are starting to work correctly…YEA…school is going quite well…I never knew there was so much to learn about antioxidants…extremely interesting…

Mom is in MA working on Longaberger shows…Dad is back to building his garden…he will be going up to see his friends in MA for a few days…Tris is back in North Carolina…it was nice to have her home…She recently went to a Marine Ball and sent back pics of a smashing dress…Dansir is hoping to be hired at Walgreens

I have been blessed with help in the garden…Mellissa has been helping me get cleaned up for summer…many of my spring bulbs have been popping

In the Circle we celebrated Ostara and are getting ready for Beltane (May1)…candles are brown, green and blue…I am excited about the bon fire…

The pool has been great place for meditation…I am really getting into breathing…it is not as easy as it sounds…I find it is making getting through this hard time much easier

May you all be blessed…


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  1. So sorry to hear about Shinara, we never met but I could almost feel her wet nose on my hand on many occasions. She will rest in peace.
    Keep up the good work not smoking, you know it makes sense, you don’t me to tell you your health is your most precious commodity – but I will tell you anyway!
    Take care to you and everyone in the circle may our libido waves never dry on the rocks of neglect