Monday, May 9, 2011

‘plant crack’ and other things

Okay we are going on a long trip this blog…I am feelin a little old school…it seems my life has gone through many transitions and I feel more coming…

Massage has been going well for summertime…I got lost on a woman last week as she had so many knots and we were chatting…thought I had gone about 10 over and ended up 5 short…I gave her money off, but it left me feeling bad…I tend to work without a clock since I usually go over (and because I work for myself) this is no big deal…I just hate getting shorted time and it bothers me to short anyone…I have been looking at banners for my fence as a new form of marketing…anyone had any luck with this???

School is going okay…the information and reading is quite challenging…wish I could say the same for the class…its not gonna kill me, just make stronger

American Boudica Publishing has been shut for a week so we may get our families ready for summer…good weather in England and lack of focus, find us more productive in the yard…we will back with news soon

In the Circle we have welcomed 2 more babies…so far 2 boys and 1 girl…I got to work on one at 2 hours old…so cool…Beltane was awesome…the fire was strange…could have sworn I saw Jeff…purple, green and orange speak of a bountiful harvest

Melissa is heaven sent help in the garden…as I have worked very hard at restructuring the soil…often time developers’ peel off topsoil and replace it with sod…if you purchase property like this or with very poor soil your only option is to compost…working with different covers and plants is good too…even if they die…it makes your soil stronger…a friend gave me some cactus…with time, love and occasional compost…they have grown over the last 5 years…the friend stopped to see me last year and was disappointed….everyone else he had given them to had used miracle grow and the others had grown huge…he called today…winter had killed all of theirs and could he stop and get some cuttings…miracle grow or ‘plant crack’ as I call it- makes plants grow big, but weakens the internal structure…so if you plan to keep the plant in the garden for several years best to use plants to longer to grow, but are quite strong...

I am now at day 29 with NO tobacco…day 5 without Chantix…little stressed, but doing well…smells are horrid…food tastes awful and I have lost 25lbs…

I had a new friend take his own life…I am sorry the pain in his life was more than his self worth…he is no longer in pain and for that I am happy…things like this really make you cherish those around you

10 deep clearing breaths (in through the nose out through the mouth) will not only help you relax, but also help you add focus to your mind…at times you will need to do more than 10…believe it or not your emotional health is directly connected to your physical health…keeping positive and laughing will aide in keeping you healthy…Did you laugh today?

May you be blessed,


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  1. Thank you for remembering Leo! Love you, my friend! <3