Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome to the Surface of the Sun

How are you…I am here…the 100f degree heat has me cooking…I am glad we have a few to sit and chat…Make a Wish and blow

Yes, I am still a massage therapist…this is a calling put on my heart by my deity and one I must fulfill…I have to admit though, it does at points, push me past the outer limits of Krylon…I had 7 appointments scheduled this week and only 2 completed…each person had good reason, but still it is hard to pay bills when money is slow…I am thankful…at least I had 2

In school I got an A in ‘The Meaning of Health’…this class was something else…not really sure if I mean that in a good way or a bad one…it was all about how the brain effects the body and emotion…great information…did you know that the depressed feeling you get during the flu is not a ‘real feeling’ it is a feeling created by the brain…the brain releases a hormone that makes that feeling when mucus hits a certain level in the body proper…I have now entered ‘Psychology’ class…it is such soft science that often contradicts itself depending on what philosophy you follow so, for me it is usually like nails on a chalkboard…maybe this teacher will make it fun…after looking at the syllabus, she has given us plenty of work

American Boudica has been going over our new author’s, Dave Benuska, start of his book…we are quite happy and excited about this…I have been working on book 4 and Chris on the cover of book 3…he has been on the run with his painting muse…I am also upgrading our publishing software…I have to be honest that poor Rose has had her hands full with Chris and I…their grandchild and my adopted grandnephew is due soon…we are quite like children waiting for Santa…we are thousands of miles apart, but I always feel as though I could run around the corner and have a spot of tea…I am thankful for Walter and Rose for keeping Chris and I grounded;)

In the pool I have had this weird cloud…nothing has cleaned it out…after a month of trying everything under the sun, I drained it…I then refilled it…4 days later and the cloud is starting again…it is a funky looking brown cloud…when I get in the pool it looks like there is burnt butter on the bottom…as my foot hits the floor of the pool it puffs up like a cloud…it does not vacuum, I change the filter daily, add chlorine…I tried different stuff from Walmart, Kmart and Target…The pool place had the same stuff at 3x the price…anyway, here is my thought…all of this stuff in my pool had to be in the air of my yard…pools tend to work as air filters for the air around them…I have often thought of myself floating in natures tea when the water was clean…but, this truly weird…kind of like dropping your hand in a pile of baby powder…well, if you can think of something, I am open to suggestion

The gardens are doing well…I water between 8pm- 7am 2x a week…on June 15th the beds will get their last weeding until August 30…we are already facing high heat and humidity, to weed more than that would stress my plants…the flowers all around the yard have been giving big blooms this year

Mom and Dad are coming up on their 50 year anniversary…that’s a long time to pick up anyone’s draws…I felt bad because I wanted to get them something great, but, money is very tight…they will be going to Maine to see family…I wanted to try to get them a cool cottage by a beach…if anyone has ideas on this I am listening…all I could find was 500$ a week and up…I was hoping I could find someplace that had a couple of weeks, but that was way too high for me

Did you laugh today…did you know a rolling belly laugh (real or faked) that is done for 30 seconds or more will use almost every muscle in the body…if you do this 3x a day for more than 30 days, not only will you see a difference in your waistline, but you will see the start to see several improvements in your own life…keep a journal, positive thoughts and an open mind…bet I am right;) and the best part is that it is all free and done by you for you, so you really appreciate it;)

The Circle of Boudica has kept me running…holidays are important, but at the moment let me speak about life…Being there to help the new ones in or the old ones to go is very important…take time for both…weather they belong to you or not…a smile and kind word mean a lot to those who have nothing…money means nothing to those who need a hand to hold…also there has been a recent outbreak of women killing their children and then committing suicide…before you do something so stupid, talk to someone…though the country is in a VERY sad state at the moment…it will pass…if you really must depart this life, let your children have a try at theirs’…there is NO forgiveness in any religion I am aware of for those who harm children…on a better note…Midsummers is coming up…just a few weeks away…what are your plans????

Today is day 45 with No Tobacco…I am told at some point I will be happy about this…I can breathe a bit better…other than that I am not impressed…it made everyone else happy…

May you all be blessed to good health…A moment of silence for those who were affected by the storms that raged through the country…Please Remember to thank a VET today


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  1. Awesome! I love reading your blogs!!! and the way I LAUGH! I should have a pretty little waist line!!!! I must laugh more!!! Kepe up the good work on your great job of quitting cigs! I am proud of YOU! Happy Memorial Day!