Sunday, June 12, 2011

100 Degrees Fahrenheit (39.77c) and Ready to Rant

Good Morrow,

I have so many things that I want to speak about…thank you for letting me bend you ear…and no I do not mind if you pick this up and put it down a few times to digest some of its info contained…it is day 45 with no tobacco, could be a but know me Dale has it written somewhere

Massage has been well…I have been looking for ways to get new customers…if you have ideas (other than craigslist or the newspaper) please e-mail me…Florida is severely economically depressed…I have hopes it will change soon…our new governor, Rick Scott, is working very hard…I have to admit I watch this guy with a microscope (I do not trust him), I also have to admit he has been working to make the state better for everyone…though I do feel he should have done better for the teachers

It has been a proven fact that when money is spent on education in several cultures and societies around the world that crime rates drop and unemployment rates also drop…side note- the culture of the society grows too

In ‘Psychology’ class this week…I have been having a rough time…I do not expect to agree with everyone or have them agree with me all the time…really…what fun is there in life without a little spirited debate…as you know I have walked thru HELL…not proud of it, but it is what it is…many people get angry with me when they can not prove me wrong and get a little crazy…okay…lets understand each other…I am not omnipotent…I have done things wrong so many times and paid dearly…that I now know how to do it properly

As many of you know, I have bounced around and now have friends all over the world…my thoughts tend to run deep…I think of things…the wind that goes into Gahanna every year carries Malaria…Russian storms that effect the UK…how polluted the Ganges is by the time it dumps in the ocean…where in the world are they building new medical gadgets…many years ago I explained to my children that we would be at a global economy before my life is over…I often wonder where we, the United States, will end up in such a case…sadly I think not well unless we put more into education and ethics

In Boudica, we have just received our second installment of the Benuska book…really neat…Chris and I have been posting Mason...he is so cute…I am kind of jealous of Rose as she gets to play with him…being a pond away sux!!!!!

I bought the cheap blue hard plastic pools for the dogs…Chole loves it and like a child in the bath, I have to fight to get him out…just like people, please think of your animals in this extreme heat…I have several fans at floor level…keep the water bowl clean several times a day…keep floors swept and mopped as this will keep down bacteria and fleas…it will also be cooler for them…since I have a tile floor and a way to keep them in the kitchen, I also give them ice cubes…all except Blue love to eat watermelon…I might be the crazy dog lady but, if you are under rubble you pray they come get me

The Circle has been spinning…new births happening every few days…Maggie, Martha, Janet and Mason were all born this last week…we are fast coming to the Midsummer Celebration…what do you have planned? Alison's baby will be in shy town, maybe I will get to play with him...her ultrasound picture is so far they have come fom those fuzzy black and white poloroid pics they gave me back in the day

The garden looks tired…the heat is kicking it in the ass…if you have a big freezer you may want to buy a few bags of ice…1-2 bag(s) of ice=1/4 acre grass…I do not recommend it for plants as it can put them in shock, but has been working great on the lawn…also beats huge water bill…I usually water around 8 pm…I mulch heavy at the end of spring…all of this help the garden and your pocketbook too…do not forget to get out there an compost

Did you laugh today…okay…picture a naked rock;)

Walter and I had a great time Kayking in and around Crystal River...I can not wait to take Chole...we had a great was quite inexpensive...we rented from Crystal River Kayak...great people to deal was clean and safe...

Healthcare is a subject near and dear to me…I work very hard to give EVERY client I have my best…I also believe some of the best answers are the simplest and one should start at the bottom and work their way to the top…it is my feeling that as a society, it is something we must fight for…we should not want to be continually be doped up (even if we are in pain)…I want to yell ‘IT IS OKAY TO BE WELL!!!’…it bothers me to see how many people are on what I would call useless prescriptions and their minor illness can be handled with food or some other more natural substance…do not misunderstand me, If I need a script, I will take it, but I prefer to try the least invasive and best acting treatment first…it is usually cheaper and better for the body…you are not being insulting to talk to your doctor…it is what they are there for…he or she should know and understand the food/herb/prescription/treatment that is prescribed to you…if not, I suggest you find one who does

For Boaters or people who live in the hot climate it is time to buy ‘Emetrol’. It works great for sun sick or sea sick. Walter who normally works 3rd shift thought to help me mow the lawn (takes 4 hours in the sun)….the next day he prayed to the porcelain Gods until I got him some, he was sooo sun sick. It is also great when kids get that summer flu. I always wondered why they don’t use this stuff on that ‘Deadliest Catch’ show to help them greenhorn folks…just a thought… for chemo and aids patients too

So as you can see my mind goes on hundred directions at once…does it piss anyone else off that they have turned this lame child killer into a TV star…I understand she is Christian…can’t we just send her to meet St Peter early, because anyone who hurts children aint getting into heaven…at a time when teachers are being laid off, what up with this million dollar dog and pony show?

I guess I have been harping on education…my kids are grown and my grandchildren are well taken care of…so you wonder why…the kids in school today, 20 years from now will start running the place…it frightens me to think they will be dumber than a box of rocks…Dave has reminded me that schools must move forward…please help a teacher, a class, a school…money is cool, but time is better…nothing beats investing time in children...if all you can do is soup labels or those pencil point things please turn them into the front office at any school...Dale's neice gets mine for her class...I beg for every teacher in this country...they need help...1 good teacher at the start of life will keep several children out of trouble

May you all be blessed,


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