Friday, June 24, 2011

Sugarcoating Hell

Good Day To You,

Sorry for sounding so terse…I am in a great deal of pain...I have 1 broken and one cracked tooth…my jaw is swollen and I look like I have been in a prize fight…I am on antibiotics…the dentists here in Florida are outrageous in their prices…I want both pulled…I could see $250-300…the cheapest I could find was $800 (this did not cover any anesthesia…not even Novocain)…so I have been trying to get into the welfare dentist…nearest appt is 10/24/11…I have been calling sick call every morning

With only one massage client this week, it really makes it hard to pay the bills…I am trying to stay upbeat…reading and trying a lot of new ideas…boy howdy, has the face of business and landscape marketing changed over the last 3 years…sadly, I have watched many solo therapists go under as of late or move to another area to get work…

I just finished ‘Intro to Psychology’…I got an A…the class sucked…all they taught was straight conventional medicine, what a bummer…no talk of the Asclepius or of Sir Flinders Petrie or any of the ‘fun stuff from Freud’…our discussion questions seemed to be more for controversy than for psychological endowment and or knowledge…I guess some classes are just required…although since my major is alt meds, I wish they would have let that dept handle this as opposed to gen edu…as then it would be handled with an open mind…this does not mention how insulting the class is to the Pagan religion…not to mention almost ½ chapter of the text goes on about astrology (and not in a good way)…at the end I felt the whole thing was narrow minded tripe…why should I have to learn outdated methodology and thought process…again, some things are required…the teacher and classmates were cool

Yes, it is still over 100f almost every day…we have had very little rain…one of the few storms we did have, threw a bolt of lightening at my pool…split the side and blew the pump…since this is most of the exercise I get (I have foot problems)…I am heartsick…I made over 700 calls to every client I had a file on in hopes of earning enough to replace it…here in Florida so many have been laid off…in 7 days I have had 1 client…until things pick up, I will mourn my pool and pray I do not blow up like a balloon

Chris has been patient with me…though I put the tobacco down a while ago; my writing has been very dark…I think Poe would admire it…so we have focused on the sweet new baby and Chris’s painting, this way I have some positive to outweigh some of that ugly negative energy

My friend Rose took me to China this morning…okay, how odd does that sound…here is how we did it…she found this cool power point…she had e-mailed it to me…I called her to babble about something (probably about Mason) and she had me check the e-mail…we did each slide together…I felt like I was on the ancient temple complex with her off this giant twisty road…I told her it was best we went that way because you could never get me on that tram or the official first ‘government wasted money on this road’ award winner…I had such a good time with her…I am so glad we went

My parents started their second honeymoon last week for their 50th anniversary and so far it sounds like Murphy’s Law is in full effect…mom need surgery on her hernia…the car is having problems…add to that hotel and weather issues….I really do not think it is the trip they hoped for

Walter and I both went through the stomach flu last week…it is horrid…chicken broth, jello, toast with clear jellies, beef broth, crackers…until you can hold food down…then add bananas or oranges or grilled cheese…until you are strong enough for a meal

I have to admit it really bothers me that Brighthouse thinks it is proper to make a baby killer a star…OMG…first Osama…then Whitey…who do you think is next DB Cooper or Hoffa…they are sending troops home…I want the troops back, but where will they go to work…Barak Obama reminds me much of Charlie Christ, at the last minute…when they want to get re-elected, suddenly they remember how to work…I see NO one on the horizon that I would vote for either, which I really find scary…Can you believe people in Bradenton are so very bored they are actually worried about horse poop…seriously…I just can make this stuff up…if you are in Europe please wash your hands and food prior to cooking it and for god sake cook it proper…E Coli is running rampant and killing people over 50 at this point…there is also a new breed of scarlet fever that we have not antibiotic to fix yet…so all over the world please remember the above items

Maybe it’s the heat…maybe it’s the pain…I may be feeling….shall we say a bit female…I am mourning the pool and just depressed in general…I will get over it at some point…thank you for understanding


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  1. Chin up D. things can only get better. Rose will be really pleased you enjoyed the virtual trip to China. We all love you a bundle. Rose regards you as the sister she never had, sisters fall out sometimes but underneath they have a deep love for each other.
    May the waves of discontent never wash away the delights of true friendship.
    Cheers all