Monday, February 14, 2011

Oak Pollen and Puppy Poop...Happy Valentines Day

Good Day to You,

Here is a heat pack for your sinus…yes, it is oak pollen season here is beautiful Wesley Chapel…sorry I have not been around, but with my sinus so swollen the headache has kept me close to home…I have started training the puppies…

Massage has been shut down for the last 6 days….I will be back to work tomorrow…I am thankful for understanding clients

American Boudica has started print production of Book 3- Other Peoples Karma…Book 4 is currently in writing production…Chris and Rose will be naming Book 4…it will be cool to see what they come up with…

School is currently like nails on the chalkboard…I love math, but they don’t want the answer, they want the formula…with my head either pounding with pollen or Nyquil it is not going well…I may not get an A;(

In the Circle of Boudica we will soon be welcoming 3 babies…spring has started here in Florida and the Imbolc celebration was beautiful…I was given some beautiful pink and red candles…we had some left over and I burned them for Valentine’s Day…Ostara Feast starts March 19-21…The spring equinox will happen March 20th at 11:21 p.m. (eastern standard time)…I am starting to gather the items I will need…

The animals have all been suffering through the high pollen too…seems like the puppies go to the bathroom A WHOLE LOT…the 3 older dogs and the cat have been coughing…I got Walter a pooper scooper for Valentines present…lol…he actually liked the color of the set

The garden and lawn have started blooming…I was excited to see the Lily Bulbs pushing through…the lawn is getting the pretty spring green…the bird of paradise has started putting up green leafs…I will take pictures next week

Well I need to lay down as my head is pounding…one more stroll around the house with mop in one hand the toilet paper in the other…may you have a peaceful week…may cupid shower you with love…and most of all…may all your dogs go outside;)

Much Love,


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