Friday, August 20, 2010

Feeling Quite Purple

Thank you for making time to sit with me…it has been a great week…here have a glass with ice, I have gotten hooked on Simply juices…I have lime or raspberry lemonade…which would you like?

Let’s start with all the updates…

As I have been feeling quite in tune lately, my massage clients have really felt special…I have worked in detail on their bodies…we have been speaking on nutrition and moving in a positive direction…we have been looking for more natural ways of dealing with minor complaints…I have now used Homeopathy on 3 different situations (2 human and one dog) and found it to be effective part of treatment…my hands have been gliding in the muscle…I feel like the muscles just want me to be there...I have been getting into some old Peter Gabriel…as you can see, I really love my job…

School is amazing…I just finished ‘The Herbal Medicine Chest’…I have another A…I hope this old girl can keep it going…this is really a great way to go to school…the class is challenging and the other students keep you thinking…our teacher was waiting on his wife to have a baby the last 2 weeks…I think the whole class was pulling for her…lol…my next one up is a computer class…I wonder what new goodies I will get there…for the next week, I am on summer break…

American Boudica Publishing is a busy place…since I have next week off we will be working hard…Chris will be getting a video reading of chapter 1 From ‘American Boudica, Family Friends and Funerals’ posted…I will be posting one called ‘Massage FAQ’…we should have ‘American Boudica, Love is like an Onion’ on the shelf by 9/15/10…The website should be ready by 10/1/10…it is a lot of work…I am so glad for all the helping hands…Chris and I have gotten the Skype down to a science…often makes me feel like I am on that cartoon ‘ The Jetson’s ‘ with my video phone…some things are just amazing…I can remember when that was a futuristic thing, Damb am I old…yea, but I am still cute

I will be banging down some more doors to try to get more government contracts…I have been on hold with this as I had so much else going on…so much for a summer break…people going back to work is more important than me sitting on my ass…so I will not complain;)

I have started seeing the change of season…fall is on the way, but the heat is not abating…the flowers and bugs have changed…this has been the colorful grasshopper year…we have had green, red and yellow ones hopping and flying everywhere…their nightly song does not come through an MP3 player and is very comforting…I will be kind of sad to see them go…I am getting ready to cut down the lilies…the crape myrtles’ have taken well to their new home…I have 3 more to plant…I also have 2 extra if you want them

The kids are well…mom has been home for a few now and is getting back into the swing of things…dad has the yard looking right again…he had to rip up his tomato from the turvey thing because a caterpillar ate it…the heat of the summer, after such a cold winter…made some things beautiful and made other look half dead…I think it amazed us both how much came back…isn’t nature cool

We have let everything around the pond grow tall to protect the fish…the water stays clear and cool when the sun does not shine directly on it…I like to stand on the deck and watch when they eat…They have been liking all the bugs jumping in the water…you can here the snap across the water…their orange and white colors have been shining this summer…must be all the grasshoppers…

The cat has been wanting to be brushed a lot…he is starting to shed again…the dogs have been liking their weekly bath…chew bitems is so small when he shakes off, the tub does not even get wet…when Shinara shakes off, she soaks the whole bathroom…Draco just sits there and gives me the evil eye…he loves to get in the tub and hates to get out…the gliders have been quiet since the others have been gone…the last few nights they have been letting me play with them again…I guess I am forgiven…all in all not bad at the moment

I have been enjoying the new TV…I do not get to watch very much…as a matter of fact, I DVR everything…so when I do get to sit for a few, I can fast forward through commercials, I can watch 3 half hour or 2 one hour shows in and hour…it is quite cool to stream the Netflix…I have had great luck with it…the Wii looks quite cool on the screen too…it has been a lot of fun

The pool has been a challenge…a friend of mine mentioned a pool service…I was a little green with envy until I went out the next morning…cleaning the pool may not be everyone’s thing, but you can learn about the area you live in by what happens with the water…it’s clarity can speak to you of what is in the air…the bugs you remove let you know when to plant or cut…the back yard has been much greener than the front due to the humidity the pool gives off…I am addicted to my pool…lol…I still try for twice a day and for at least 20 minutes…it has really helped me keep going in this heat

I have been gathering wood for the induction ceremony…I am very nervous and excited

There was a haze across the moon tonight…this is never a good thing…I will pray t passes quickly…Walt called me about a broke fuel line and overtime has been called off…I will keep faith and make the best from it…

Are you in need of sleep…if so you can go to most local grocery store vitamin isles and find Valerian…as always ask you doctor, but it has been working for 100s of years…no need for heavy prescriptions doing damage to the body…it is also a pretty plant

Life is good…I accepted the fact many years ago sleep is not a requirement, life is…I have really felt great about where life is right now…its not perfect, but good none the less

It is my hope that this finds you with a smile…some good thoughts of your own…may you find at least 3 blessings in you life today (small ones count)…

Blessed be,

D, Cooper-Rooney, LMT


  1. nice to know the Gliders are getting back to normal, yes life is - and should be - good,

    love and peace to the Boudica Circle

  2. Shalom Dorian

    Thanks for the tip about Valerian. Its worth a try, it is very frustrating when you wake up at 3:30 am and can't fall back asleep.
    Life is and should be good I agree Chris.
    Have a good week u 2.

  3. My husband has been using the valerian (he works mid-shift) and has had great results.