Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Goddess Has Shined on Me

The rain is hitting the metal roof…it has me in a quite sedate mood…I am glad you came to join me…I am feeling a bit pensive, things have been going so well…it has me worried…most people would say it is time to relax…times like this I like to keep moving…

Massage has been great…at least 2 clients a day…it has been picking up…YEA…my hands have had wonderful rhythm flowing along the muscles…it has been an energy of gold emanating from my massage to the client…the wonderful pink energy that has been back fed to me through the client has really been a special gift…I love my job…

I know many of you are waiting for book 2 ‘Love is like an Onion’…I will soon be announcing its release date…we are soon to be posting videos on youtube.com thanks to Tim…we will soon be selling full DVD massage instructional video tapes…we have started working on the website…it is not ready yet, but Chris and I are working hard….the grand opening will be soon…can you feel the excitement as it pulses through the air…I am getting prepared for the harvest…I never thought of being a writer or publisher…my high school English teacher, Grace B. Kiernan, must be rolling in her grave…I would like to think she always knew the courage, strength and inspiration she passed to me…all of this is a special gift…another job to love…

I have worked some in trade for some beautiful Crape Myrtles in several colors…I have figured out a green solution to a VERY red hot problem…here they grow about 12- 16’ tall…my house gets hot due to direct sunlight…I am going to use them as a hedge to cut the light from the house thereby keeping it cooler…the Crape Myrtle loves sunlight…it’s a win/win for all…look out its creeping up…the feeling of another special gift…I have also cloned some of the bushes, if anyone wants one just give me a call and you can have a gift too…I love it when the garden comes to the rescue…

Things are starting to return to normal with the animals…they have started forgiving me for sending away the glider babies…the neighbors have been laughing at me…I call the dogs outside…the dogs and the cat come running…when I call the dogs in from the yard…they all come running and so does the cat…of course I wish he would learn to go the bathroom outside too…they have all been quite happy none the less…content and healthy animals is always a gift…sloppy wet kiss love is found here…

Our TV blew out on Friday…the Goddess was smiling down on me and I did not know it…Walter was determined to use craigslist.org…I told him he was crazy…he found a great deal and I called the guy to make sure it was real…an hour later we were taking it off the truck…55’’ screen…it is like being at the movies…you should see the Wii…I felt really blessed with this gift…I love the picture…

On facebook.com someone was nice enough to post a cute pic of my daughter…I loved it so much I had to share it…Dansir looks like she should be part of Steak and Shake’s next marketing campaign…it is so cute…her smile is my gift…I love her for being so sweet…

Two of the foster children have reunited with me…to find that they are both happy and healthy…I am now a grandma…I was blessed when they came into my life the first time…I loved them and set them free…the fact they came back to me…that is a gift that I hope you may one day feel…my heart is swollen with love…


1 oz dried comfrey leaves

1 oz dried calendula flowers

2 cups olive oil

1 oz pure beeswax

4 drops tea tree

4 drops lavender essential oils

1 400 vitamin E

Heat herbs in olive oil over low heat for about 5 hours. Do not let the oil boil or bubble. A Crock-Pot or the lowest temperature setting on a range should be suitable for heating this mixture. (If the lowest setting is too hot, turn off the heat once it has warmed the oil...it should keep warm for at least and hour....then repeat the process twice.) After cooking, strain out the herbs while oil is still warm. Place 1 1/4 cups of the herb oil in a pan add beeswax and heat just enough to melt the wax. Add essential oil and stir. Finally, pour the salve into wide mouthed jars. (Store at room temperature) Use for minor scrapes and cuts, to protect and promote healing.

I hope you are having many blessings this week…the best gifts don’t have a price tag…they are cultivated from the love you give…

Blessed Be,

D, Cooper-Rooney, LMT


  1. Fabulous Photo of Dansir, D. you must be so proud, and the book cover looks excellent, wait until they read whats inside, whoooohoooo!!!, the Gods are smiling on our future.

    Whoop whoop, as the kids say!!!
    Love and peace

    Chris :~}

  2. yes...it is so bright we must wear shades