Monday, August 16, 2010

A time of resolution…

Merry Meet,

In the last few years, I have walked with my heavenly parents to find my way from the pain of the past to the happiness of the present…the goddess has taught and nurtured me…the god has protected me from the pain…I sit here, a child befuddled in amazement…

As we have spoken of before, many people who were and are very cherished in my life have found their way back to me…with this in mind, I had a few people I wanted to call and say thank you to…when I was getting ready to leave Virginia…a few women who saw what was happening reached out to help me…they were all my age…they wanted me to start a new life without abuse…I honestly feel it is because of them I am alive…It has been 14 years since I spoke to any of them…one of them was Becky Richardson…she was the wife of a Baptist Preacher…her husband, Oscar, and she went out of their way for me and my twins…through the wonder of the Internet…I found a number to their old business, called and left a message…I wanted to hear her voice and celebrate with her…I wanted to tell her how special she was…like a child wanting a parent to be proud of how hard they had worked…she was a big help in attaining a new life…she and Oscar had a real marriage…I learned from her a lot about stability and how great family life could and should be…she helped me protect my children when I had more bruises than clear flesh…never once did she stand in judgment…I am quite proud to call her friend…today I got a call from a sweet woman, Lois, who explains that the company was sold and that Oscar was in India preaching…I was in shock…it took me a minute, I began to explain why I was looking for them…she continued on to tell me that Becky was dead…my heart stopped…she continued on to tell me that their son still worked there…at this point, my mind raced to the point the sound barrier broke…she was only a few years older than me…what happened, my voice was breaking and tears falling…I guess Lois picked up from my pause, I was reeling from the news…she told me Becky had an aneurysm of the brain and died suddenly…Lois continued to say that Becky was with Jesus…my mind shot to the kids playing in the yard…her daughter looked so much like her…Lois said she would try to get word to Oscar and we hung up…I was thankful to Lois for calling back, but I suddenly felt lost…my heart suddenly broken…during some of the darkest points of my life this woman was the angel sent to be my foot prints in the sand…and now she was gone

It is my long held belief that we are reborn until we get it right…those who die young are taken to whatever you call heaven…Becky is proof of that…she was a beautiful, selfless soul and gave love in abundance…I am blessed to say she was part of my life…I thought about our last conservation, I am very thankful that she knew I loved her and that I was thankful to call her friend…

Let people know how you feel…you may never get another chance…I am happy she did not suffer and is in a better place…my heart hurts though…

I am now a grandma…a few weeks ago I was reunited with 2 of my foster daughters…this was a true gift and they were both married…they each have 2 children…I am so proud of them…I knew this day would come…I have to admit, I am a little stunned…true fact- time stands still for no one…at 44, I am now a grandma…

Work has been going well in all directions…In school I have my final for ‘The Herbal Medicine Chest’ this week…I feel like I am doing well here too…it has been a little hard to focus…with the induction ceremony fast approaching…I think Walter, Chris and Dale would say their spirituality has been tested over the last few weeks…ha, ha, ha…

I feel good…I feel the Goddess is walking me through and preparing me for what is to come…I was thankful to God to feel safe enough to make those calls…to be able to say thank you for helping me change my life…not many people get to be a mom…I am now gifted enough to be a grandma…I was shown what happened to Becky, but not until I was strong enough to handle it…

My resolve is for The Circle of Boudica to be an open loving place for all…a place built on acceptance and not judgment…a place to share the open hearted kindness that has been provided…

News on frankincense…

Did the three wise men suffer aches and pains from their long camel ride? Luckily, they had frankincense, aka Boswellia, a traditional Ayurvedic medicine for arthritis and joint injuries. In a study published in Alternative and Complementary Therapies, Egyptian researchers gave people with osteoarthritis of the knee Boswellia and turmeric or a placebo. After three months, the herb group showed significantly greater relief from knee swelling.

In my holiday bonfires, I have explained to people that the ashes rise to heaven…they carry your thought, hopes, dreams…I found the following poem and thought I would share…

Light-winged Smoke, Icarian bird,

Melting thy pinions in thy upward flight,

Lark without song, and messenger of dawn,

Circling above the hamlets as thy nest;

Or else, departing dream, and shadowy form

Of midnight vision, gathering up thy skirts;

By night star-veiling, and by day

Darkening the light and blotting out the sun;

Go thou my incense upward from this hearth,

And ask the gods to pardon this clear flame.


Earth, Air, Water, Fire…In this Circle we Conspire…a blessing of a true friend is my wish for you…So Mote It Be, So Mote It Be, So Mote It Be.

Blessed Be,

D. Cooper-Rooney


  1. Only the good die young... thanks for the moving tribute to your extended family and friends. I for one, am proud to be part of the Circle of Boudica. May sap rise on your tree of life and fruit for eternity.

  2. Thanks for posting this- my left knee has been KILLING me! I will try this.

  3. Hi it's Sara from Class :) I'm sorry about your friend, well- more than a friend. That's hard- especially when so sudden. I hope that her husband and son are faring well. A nice way to look at it, is that when they leave here- doesn't mean they are gone.

    love and light!