Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Pills Might Help

Merry Meet,

How are you doing…spring is here…it has been quite crazy as of late…sorry I have not been around much…let me fill you in

Massage has been a happy place…many of the clients have been coming in to see me…we have been talking about a plans and what to do while I am on the paddle…we laugh about how busy I will be when I return…I think I have the best group of patients:)
School is going well…I am taking Nutrition and Pathology…it is a very interesting class…it also reinforces and add structure to what we have already learned…it is difficult to keep up because of what is going on, but so far so good

American Boudica Publishing has been focused on the Sunshine Paddle…Chris has been working on artwork…he and his granddaughters’ Alex and Jade are working on a Children’s book called ‘Animals of the Paddle’…so far it looks good

Ostara will be a big holiday (3/20/12) for me this year…the first lambs were born this week…I will be requesting safe passage…all who wish to join me at the bon fire, just call…I will be making the feast first

The SunshinePaddle will be happening in 65 days…I am making appearances, have joined a play (The Vagina Monologues- for the shelter), trip planning, sending letters, practice, shopping, etc…this does not even speak on testing equipment…it is very important to me…

Spring is popping out everywhere…I have been trying to clean up…this year I have had so little time, I am shoveling sand against the tide…flowers have started popping up everywhere…goes to figure Dad is NC and missing it…lol

 Aloe and Honey Water
3 Cups boiling water in pan
Squeeze 2 Large Aloe leafs
1 teaspoon local sourced Honey
Stir until dissolved
Add Juice from 1 Orange or Tangerine

Helps with-
·        Promote bile flow
·        Reduce blood sugar
·        Reduce cholesterol
·        Constipation
·        Mouth Ulcers
·        Allergies
Contains vitamin B12 naturally

Well sweetie it is time for me to crash…thank you for coming to visit…from here till I get back, please make time to check on me…thank you so much for all your understanding

Your Friend,

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