Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dee Unplugged

Merry Meet,

I am so glad ya all had time to visit...have a coffee…so much has been happening…it’s a story to tell…you look well…I guess we all have gotten used to things being bad, the stress point has passed…I have made time for introspection as I have learned so much it takes time at my age to absorb it all;)

Massage is quite amazing…I have been so into the muscle…every client got at least 5 extra minutes…I really don’t think they minded though…to follow the contour of the muscle until its natural end is enthralling…the muscle never lies and always remembers…each is like a book written unto itself…at the moment, I am learning a thermal technique…it exposes the muscle in profile…how totally cool is that?

English Comp 2 is a work heavy class…My final paper will be on cancer…if you want a copy let me know…it will be in word format…I did papers on prayer in school and the death penalty this week…just so you know, I am for both…I agree with a moment of silence…this way every child can pray to their own God, but still share the bonding, calming moment…the death penalty…I disagree with the supreme court, I feel if you commit treason against this country or continually harm children…you need to meet Mr. Sparky (Florida’s name for our electric chair)…at present you can only get it for capitol murder…it is not my job to judge you, I am just allowing God to sort it out

American Boudica has been working slow, but well…the cold here in Florida has had me running…Chris has had great patience with me on this…we are starting to ready book 3 for the printer…the children’s book is coming on swimmingly…Book 4 is really fast becoming a masterpiece…

The Circle of Boudica has been counseling a lot of people…money has been a big issue…with so few having jobs, it is creating hardship everywhere…it has done my heart great joy to see so many that pitch in to help…I have been burning a white candle for hope and a blue one for spirit…

In the cold snap we got this week…my pipes burst and my central heat and air unit froze up…poor Walt came home from work to a cold house and no shower…our bank account is now stripped, but everything is now working again…Walter and dad fixed it all…glad I do not have to look at a service bill

My indoor plants will all be up potted today…the guava trees have held on so far…I have extra kitchen ivy…you can come by and pick some up…the mother plant is 26 years old today…I also need to clean up my lucky bamboo…I put my Christmas cactus outside to rejuvenate…

Everything in the yard is hibernating except the fish…they have slowed down a lot…during the winter I only put feed out if it goes above 65f…otherwise the only thing you do is fowl the water…the next warm day we have I will make some compost tea using pond water…it will give the fish fresh water and the plants macro nutrients…I have also been throwing out bird food at night…our birds are not used to the cold and need to eat for heat…

The gliders have been well…quiet due to the cold…they got a new wheel for Yule and have been quite happy with it…the dogs have been funny…the puppy has had them all on the run…he is very much the little tornado with teeth…it is quite sweet how they each take turns watching over him…Chewy is often tasked with the job…I don’t know what they will do when he is able to jump…lol…

Have you stopped to laugh at life…from where I sit; there is a lot to laugh at…I live in a state where the good old boys rein supreme…our current governor here in the great state of Florida looks like Skeletor and has about the same manners…

We have the wonderful sheriff of Polk County…Grady Judd…he aint no joke, but he does make me smile…I think quite highly of him….this is the man that when the newspaper asked him how come they shot a suspect 58 times, his honest answer was ‘because we ran out of ammunition.’…lesson learned, don’t shoot a cop in Polk county…he has now arrested some guy from Colorado…the man wrote a hideous book…I hate the thought of the book even being out there…it puzzles me how he is going to be able to take this to trial though…the constitution provides for freedom of speech and print….you have the right not to buy it…you have the right to protest it…but you do not have the right to arrest over it, unless you can prove it was used in process of a crime…if the guy gets off, he can sue…this is a time when the counties and state have NO money…I agree they guy is scum…it is my true hope Grady can pull this out…God loves fools, children, drunks and moral country boys…lol…

People often asked me about the wildlife in Florida. The day I moved down here this was the headline-

A plainclothes policeman followed a suspicious car moving erratically along U.S. 19 in Clearwater. What made it suspicious was that the car appeared to be driven by a 3 1/2 foot iguana. "He had his claws on top of the wheel," a police officer drily explained. "It's not every day you find a lizard driving a car." The officer called for backup and followed the car for two miles without incident - which is better than many warm-blooded drivers can do. After checking, the police found John Ruppell slumped low in the driver's seat beneath his pet iguana and charged him with drunken driving. The iguana, whose name was Finley, was taken to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Yes, here in Florida I learned to laugh…it is really a great state…down here we chase of armadillos instead of raccoons…I have been swimming with manatees and dolphins…the northerner in me is always watching for gators…the Indian lore is truly deep…I really do love this place

Well I hope you got a smile.

Blessed Be,



  1. Agreed, some folks need to dance with old Sparky, or indeed, Sing-Sing with Mr Sizzler. It always amazes me why any gun wielding bozos thinks the cops wont shoot back. Those officers are trained to kill. Even here in England the cops shoot to kill.
    Have a good week everyone, and may the god of plenty fill our hearts with nice sweet sticky stuff