Monday, February 29, 2016

Leapin in the New Year

Merry Leap Year,

            How are you…I know I have not been around since December…yes, I know you think I will work myself to an early grave…stress brings on bouts of building, in this case I am building my way to a happy retirement…here is all the News that is fit to print

American Boudica is a busy place…the budget video will be released on YouTube on the next few weeks, the color coded calendar…we have several new Hub Pages and Academic Papers to be released in the next 60 days…a video on starting a small business is now in production- this will be the first disc in a series of 10…the next book in the Boudica series is being discussed…it really is neat to be part of

            Girly Pirate is getting ready to open the store, travel center, convenience lunchbox, and currently looking for property to put it on…so much going on…scouting trips, shopping trips and planning take my every free moment it seems…I am blessed with such a wonderful crew, not sure I could do it without them…I will keep you posted

 In Nature’s Power and Energy, I am feeling frustrated…the patent is still not released yet and it is really starting to jerk my chain…I am ready to move forward and the next project is calling my name…yet, I am still waiting for this…watching TV you think a patent is easy to obtain- I am at 4 years into it and about $50,000, NOT EASY…that is just for the patent not the testing…I am not discouraged, just a little disappointed

            Its all in the Detail…yes, it is…my crew is doing excellent work…when the cars are done they look ready for a showroom…Prices start at $50 and takes a minimum of 2 hours…the results are a well-polished vehicle…I think this is from a love of cars…

Dominos has been busy…I am still working for Uber and Lyft too…when a marketing push is needed, capital has to come from somewhere…working a lot now, will hopefully pay off later…these jobs have gained me knowledge of not only the Tampabay community but, also her people…insight to community needs can make me a business person more responsive

            School has been going well…I just finished Global Management Strategy with Professor Eggartsson…fascinating subject…I am now in Global Business and Technology…so far so good…I am ready to focus in on my dissertation…this is not going to be easy…when I get a pin point, it seems to move or maybe it is my brain that moves…

The Sunshine Paddle has been exceedingly busy…2 Notch called and I had to go…the trip down crystal river always makes me smile…we are up to the third donation drop of the year…Tomorrow starts the donation drive for the paddle…we will leave Hudson at 6 am on 4/20/16…will you join us???

            So happy to be chosen to be a weather station…took the grandson to the dirt track on SR52 and had a great time at the races…Summer will be here soon and we will have plenty of time…I know that you miss me…I miss you too…I am gaining in age and must complete a few things before I get too old…thank you for understanding…yes, dad will be tending the gardens this year…it is almost time for the pool too…life can be good if you are willing to work for it...

Blessed Be,

Captain D

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  1. all systems go-go-go. Here's to 2016 and success in all that we do, cheers!