Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Closing 2015

Hail and Good Day to You,

            Thank you so much for taking time to sit with me…it is hard to believe the year slipped by so fast…so much has been accomplished, it really is amazing…if you have a minute, we can see how far we have come…great…let me get my book….

            In AmericanBoudica we have released several academic papers both for sale and for free2children’s books…held several gallery showings in the Sheffield…speaking engagements in Florida…we came out with Hub Articles…we have also published several videos…it was a very busy year and I was blessed such really wonderful people to work with…

            As the Girly Pirate, my crew has been fast at work…we have designed our own shirts and have added to both graphic shops…many of my friends brought me pictures to help us create our art…we added Jewelry by Rose…built up new marketing…we have been selling out of inventory as soon as it comes in…in 2016 we will be opening a store front…watch us grow

            At Nature’s Power and Energy, we built the HydroPrincess…we climbed a mountain of RED tape to finally get to the controlled environment test…we have had to defend our patent and rework plans to specifications…finally we got to do the controlled environment test at Inglis, this went better than we could have hoped for…we prepare to start work on our next project and 2016 we will be moving into the new offices…

            D’s Detail has opened…it is now on twitter…A clean car is a happy car and a car is happy when it gets detailed regularly…this has been a lot of fun and I am really happy with the quality of the work…by taking our time the finished product sparkles

   Uber has been a constant source of amusement…from the 4-week background check to meeting the community…I have seen more the Tampa Bay than I ever conceived of…it has also provided a stable source of income while I push forward…Lyft has also been fun and I am glad I joined…it is a good way to make extra money

            In school, another successful year has passed…I have begun work on putting together me notes to bring the dissertation together…residency was hard work but, it was also a lot of fun…2016 will be my final year in school…I am so surprised I made it this far…it is a great deal of work but, I am glad I came this far…

            The Sunshine Paddle raised and distributed over $12,000 in cash, goods and services this year…we made our final donation drop to the Helping Hands Food Bank of food and toys…we sold the Blue Horizon to a young lady who raised over $50,000 to clean a river…with a kayak and a paddle we can change a community and make it a better place…I am blessed with amazing help in accomplishing these goals…Thank you all…

            This has been a good and productive year for all of those in the Circle…though none are rich all are happy and fed…as Yule comes upon us, what more can be asked for really…I am grateful for a good year- not easy but, good…on the 21st we will be setting off several paper lanterns and a bon fire…

            I promise it will not be long before we have time to chat again…Yes, I promise to have more news of the planned Pirate adventure…we are also working on controls for the global classroom…yes, I am now delivering for Grub Hub and Dominos too…it is crazy but, I can make it work for a while and then I will be able to cut back…I will be cooking Christmas Day if you want to come by…

Blessed Be,

Dorraine Cooper-Rooney

The Girly Pirate

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