Monday, November 23, 2015

Crazy, Smiling and Exhausted

Merry Meet,

It is happy I am, to see you…it is still crazy but, starting to get back…I have been laughing a lot as it really seems to help me not notice how exhausted I really am…a few more months and I will have time to relax- I promise…let me catch you up

At American Boudica we are excited to announce our new children’s coloring book due out on 12/4/15…it has been a labor of love…Chris’s artwork begs one to break out the crayons…we have also published new academic work through both amazon and…it is a priority of ours to share the knowledge and the joy of reading...we also just came out with our new mosaic video 'Endless Summer' was just released last week- how cool life is really :)


The GirlyPirate brand is gaining…we have been looking for a brick and mortar shop…we have some bigger works of art and wish to have direct sale of inventory…so we are choosing to expand beyond the internet…it is exciting to watch this grow…

Nature’s Power and Energy is also in forward motion…we are still working with the patent office…if one does not have a good deal of patients or cannot be flexible, plan on paying a lawyer to do this…Alex has been a big help…it is my hope that it is released soon…in the mean time we have heard from a consortium from the UAE who would like to invest in us…we are discussing this possibility and seeing where it leads…Chris and Alex are aiding me in putting the proposal together…We have produced the video of the HydroPrincess spinning during the controlled environment test:

D’s Detail has been busy…a clean car is a happy car…even my Uber/Lyft Car looks great…it amazes people how I can handle so many people and my car looks so awesome…I use product like Meguiar’s and Morthers…Prices depend on condition and size of vehicle…

Driving for Uber has been fun and I get to meet a lot of interesting people…I do offer water and candy…I like people to feel relaxed while in my car…I work day shift…it takes me all over the state and to some interesting places…Lyft is a newer company to the area…I do drive for them when I have time…it too has taken me to some really cool places…

In school I am half way through the Global Financial Management Class…the professor is Dr. Simon…she really brings the subject to life…deep thinking about foreign currency and exchange, really interesting…my dissertation subject has been approved and now I have to submit my prospectus…so off I go agathering and seeking information….global sales of aquatic animals

In the Circle we are soon to celebrate a feast of giving thanks at Yule…are you thankful…do those you are thankful for know how happy you are in their life…it is important to show gratitude to those around us…

At the Sunshine Paddle we are up to our 15th donation drop…we have the next 2 scheduled for early December…how very cool to put together 20 ways to help my community in 12 months… which meets and exceeds our goals for the year…I feel very privileged to be part of this… we recently had to bring Yum Yum to her home and we were sad to see her go…we are very thankful to all of those who have made this so awesome…I will be going to see 2 Notch soon and Fred has also been calling…I promise to bring back Pictures

My days are running from 16-20 hours 7 days a week…this will be this way for another 6 months- then I will be able to cut back some…a couple of upcoming events…through my dissertation research, I have marked where Pirates have been…I am putting together an Adventure Package…3 days in the sun, walking and kayaking in the areas that Pirates saw…many of the areas are still untouched and worth seeing…I will keep you posted…the other thing is I am thinking of is Ubering my way up the coast…I do not know if this is possible but, it is a thought…I will be working the Uber on Thanksgiving…Walter will be cooking for mom and dad…so, stop by as I am sure they would love the company

Blessed Be,

Dorraine Cooper-Rooney

Girly Pirate Captain


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  1. dont you just love it when a plan comes together, great to hear the progress we are making, well done everyone and keep up the good work