Saturday, October 10, 2015

Happy Mad Scientist

Merry Meet,

            Glad you had time for me…thank you for understanding my special brand of insanity and rolling with it, I am aware it is not easy…yes, I am aware of just how exhausted I look…it is how to get to my goals so, I will handle it…let’s talk about what is going on…

            At American Boudica, we are getting ready to release our next book in the children’s series…I am impressed at how well it is going…Chris has been helping over at Grimm and Co in Rotherham…so, things are moving and we are working on a better community

            GirlyPirate has been adding to the marketing…now along with the banners we have added car magnets…we are steady building inventory…we are now starting to build up in Britain and getting ready to open over there in the next 6 months…so exciting

            Nature’sPower and Energy is getting ready to do a controlled environment test at the Inglis Dam…it has taken 4 years to get to this point and I am so ready for this to happen…the patent paperwork has been flowing back and forth from the USPTO…never let anyone tell you that inventing or innovating is easy…however it is amazing to see what is in your mind come to life in front of your eyes…

            School is going well…Professor Eggertsson keeps it interesting and on topic…cross cultural negations is a subject you can follow down the rabbit hole…stopping to think how different cultures and groups within those cultures- how they operate, what they think and how you can use it to your businesses best advantage- can be really mind bending…

            Dorraine’s Detail is a fun business…I spend 3-5 hours on each car…it is interesting to see peoples face light up when they get their car returned…one guy wanted to sell his car and when I was done he said he no longer felt the need to…

            Uber Driver…yes, I now drive for Uber…I like it and it has helped me get bills paid and new marketing purchased…the background check took almost 4 weeks and was quite extensive…ratings are everything, if I drop below a 4.5- I will be fired…most of my passengers are people going to or coming from work or school…I like to drive during the day…you can apply in any area around the world…if you use my referral link, we both make cash once you make your first trip (my referral link is: n2c48r16ue)

            In the Circle we are busy getting ready for Samhain…a celebration of the harvest is in order considering all we are wrapping up this month…we will have a feast with a bonfire…it is a magical time to be around…

            At the Sunshine Paddle we are excited about the upcoming holidays…donation drop 13 went to the Sunrise of Pasco Shelter…donation drop 14 went to the baby shower for indigent moms…we went SUP and kayaking at Sun West Park…really fun and worth the trip

            We are now in autumn and turning to different flowers…the crisp reds and purples are popping out all over the place…a change in the butterfly population...the pool is refreshing at this time of the year…Walter and Dad have been cleaning the yard and trimming the bushes…the flower beds are being refreshed with fresh compost…great time of year

            Well sweetie, I need to get back on the grind…I am glad to see you are well…I hope to see you at the end of the month…I am doing all of the cooking, just bring you

Blessed Be,

Captain D

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