Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday Waves

Good Day to you,

How are you…I am exhausted- I am trying to wrap everything up before the holiday…so much going on…please do not worry, there is no problem with my heart…I had an abscess in my jaw, this really messed with my teeth causing one to crumble…the poison it released into my system caused the heart attack…between the pain from my mouth and my getting pissed off at the nurse, I do not remember feeling the heart go off…though they wanted me to go to the hospital, we know that I really don’t do hospitals unless I have no choice…

Nature’s Power and Energy is excited to be cresting phase 3 after the first year…the first of the year will spent building a mini machine…this will be used by people who live on the river for personal use- a salable product…as we begin to build the full size unit, we will prepare for our final test…still no word from the NSF on our grant…we look forward to working with swiftmud

At American Boudica Publishing we closed for the holiday on the 15th to allow our employees time with their families…the New Year has us excited for the children’s series we are soon to release…our next in the American Boudica series will be out in June…we will also soon be posting new academic papers…so much to look forward to…we are blessed

Girly Pirate Designs is going well…The Girly Pirate Boutique- carries our full product line (clothes, tiles, stamps, etc.)…Girly Pirate Graphics is mostly products and Graphics…because they are online stores they will be open throughout the holiday season…The place where the most AMAZING Pirates shop…lol…knew I could make you smile

Global Economics has been an awesome class…I have learned so much and it was really cool to have a teacher who made sense…I will order books for next year’s class on Monday…I know, after all I have been through during this class one would think I would fall behind…my education is important to me…I would not let myself down like that…if a PhD was easy everyone would have one…

At the Sunshine Paddle our Holiday Challenge was really successful…it was hard as we wish we could have do more but, we gave out over $1000 in toys, food and goods among 3 families, Sunrise of Pasco and the food bank…I am so impressed at how many people stepped up to the plate to help me…Thank You so much for all you have done, it means the world to me…

Will you join me for the bon fire on the morrow to celebrate the solstice…I am so thrilled to be wrapped up and ready to face the new year…the weather should be clear and bright- I promise to get pics and video if the camera is not giving me a fit:)

I have two weeks to rest and enjoy friends and family…come and join me if you have time…taxes will soon be upon us, lets enjoy the vacation while we can…may you have a blessed holiday and the sun shone upon you until we meet again.


Blessed Be,


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