Sunday, February 15, 2015

Breathe With Me: In through the nose, out through the mouth.

Hail and Good Day to you,

            It has been a few long weeks since we have had time to sit and chat…by your smile, I would say Santa must have brought you something special…me too…I got a new camera that I am still learning to work…the two week break did wonders for the entire crew…we all came back recharged and ready to go…let me fill you in:

            Nature’sPower and Energy has had to cut through much red tape to gain permission to run turbidity tests from the Department of Environmental Protection…we have had to get through SWFWMD and US Army Corps of Engineers…I am keeping the office of energy for the state, the department of energy federal and the federal energy regulatory commission all in the loop as well…the DEP will be sharing all findings with Fish and Wildlife…We have obtained help through offices of: Danny Burgess, Rick Scott, Adam Putnam, Rich Nugent, Pasco Score and the small business development center…we have also found good professional community through the East Pasco Network Group…the small unit will average generating $70 - $85 USD worth of energy monthly- if you have a hunt camp on the river, I need to talk to you…

            In American Boudica we have been burning the midnight oil…we have started the children’s series and hope to have it in store by April…there are also two new papers that will be out around the end of March…We are also in process of setting up Bilton in America, a small gallery tour of graphic and Painted work by our digital media department

            GirlyPirate Designs has been happening…not only new art and Boudica inventory but, we have added a travel series…our partner Zazzle has found us new types of product and this too has allowed us as artists to stretch and grow…we will soon be opening a website- if you would like to be on the mailing list please let me know…we are open to creating marketing…

            School has been fun…statistics has been a blast, Dr. Boris is great…going in I have to admit I was intimidated but, the deeper we go the more I understand…the SPSS program was not easy and my only advice is follow the book to the letter:)

            At the Sunshine Paddle, we met and surpassed all of our December goals…other than to complete taxes, we took the month of January off and now it is time to get back on the grind…the menu is back in place…Tuesday we will be paddling Crystal River…we will be renting a yak from Crystal River Kayaks- really great people…I will be making an appearance at the Pasco County Fair for the Friday night Rodeo…Saturday we plan to paddle the Weeki Wachee…YEA…I love time on the water

            In the Circle we are soon to be blessed with Ostra…this is the renewal of love, life and understanding…green and purple are the colors…it is good to try to learn new things now…an ounce of education is a pound of cure…

            I am thinking on starting a global classroom…if I could teach you any three subjects, what would they be??? I am trying to develop my curriculum…this will be an online series set to enrich those looking to share in education…this will be a multimedia class…

             Have you said ‘thank you’ to those who help you daily??? At times it is easy to take those around us for is important to look at everyone in your life and the role they play in it…if you are not thankful for them- why are they there??? Not preaching- just saying….

            The gardens are in shock from the sudden cold snap…I have such Florida dogs- if it is too wet or too cold they aint going out…I have all taxes filed…I have been watching looking for a car as the pimp mobile is getting ready to die…I am looking for a video and web interns…Walter and I have taken up playing tennis…we are not great but, have a lot of fun…

            Well chica…as you can see, life is really busy…we get from 6/15 – 6/30 off this year and there is a bunch I want to get accomplished before then…I do not know if I can but, I will give it my best shot…thank you for coming to hang out

Your Girly Pirate,


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