Saturday, February 1, 2014

So Groovy My Peeps

Merry Meet My Friends,

I am well…how are you…it is good to see you…sorry I have been so busy…Walter got laid off from Pepsi…I have been helping him look for work…he seems so sad, he worked for them over 7 years…

I am getting ready to battle with Taxes again…closing my massage business will make the final battle interesting…I have a stationary table for sale and hot stones too

American Boudica Publishing has been exciting this year…we are now on Kindle…our children’s poetry book is ONLY on Kindle…Chris did some amazing pictures- this way parents or grandparents can print it out and let the children color it in to have as a keep sake…our third book in the Boudica series ‘American Boudica: Legend of the Girly Pirate’, will in the next 2 weeks be on the market…we are so ready to do the happy dance:)

Keiser is proving to be a challenge…this is a good thing…I am in a research writing class and the professor is quit thought provoking…Really glad I have Dr. Drake

In Natures Power and Energy we have been so busy…the minutes for 2013 have been distributed…the website has been updated…we are working with the freshly rebuilt tank…the taxes are almost complete…the minutes and state paperwork are almost ready for submission…after the last meeting at EPNG, I have renewed faith in applying for a new grants…we have also made contact with the National Science Foundation…this job is quite groovy

The Circle has nothing to do with money so, no need to file anything…just a firm need to share love and understanding…Merry Imbolc my friend

The Sunshine Paddle has filed tax postcard, updated the website and posted minutes…this does not mention training…sorry about pictures, my current camera is worn and not working well…I will do my best to secure some for you though as I know it is the only way I can bring you with me…at time I feel like Jim from Mutual of Omaha…lol

The very extreme weather has made the yard look a little strange…some things are blooming that normally don’t bloom till summer…I can’t complain though, it makes walking the dogs interesting...Cooper has been enjoying having so much going on in the garden…one does tend to love this time of year in Florida, we get to see our friends from up north…really kind of neat

As you can see this is a time of high productivity…please do not feel ignored…my own family rarely gets to see me…I will catch up with you soon, I promise…until then remember you are loved…

Blessed Be,





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  1. Things are looking good, really proud to be part of the amazing ride