Monday, March 17, 2014

When exactly do I get to sleep again?

What up?

How have you been…I have been swamped…doing taxes this year was not what I was used to…a corporation, sole proprietor, charity and personal taxes along with life made February pass by fast…

American Boudica Publishing was excited to come out with the third book in the American BoudicaSeries on kindle…it will soon be out in print…how cool is it to have 4 books on the market…it was so much fun to write…Chris often found himself getting lost in the story…he often compared Draco to Chewy Bitems:)

School is an amazing thing at the moment…my Masters graduation at Everglades University has shaped up and I will be in Boca April 4th and 5th…I am VERY happy in this area of my life…Keiser is quite worth the money for my PhD…the class is of a professional level and the teacher is very attentive…one could not ask for more

At NPE we have been hella busy…the taxes are done…YEA…the rebuilt tank is working great…we have started testing and adjusting…it is about the neatest thing to be working on this project…I have found where we lacked on our first grant proposal and now know what I must do to adjust it

In the Circle we see Ostra fast approaching…pink and green candles…we celebrated the birth of a new little one…they are so sweet when they are new to the world…

The Sunshine Paddle has a busy upcoming month…5th of April we will be at Gumbo Limbo and the 6th at the Dolphin Research Center…a rigorous month of training and then on the 20th we will Launch from Hudson Beach, paddle 25 miles and land at Anclote…we are getting people to sign pledge forms per mile paddled..

The spring rains have started…Dad cuts me a path to walk the dogs…we have been having beautiful flowers…I am soon to be a grandma again from my son…Mom and the ladies have been making quilts for the disabled vets and the homeless shelter…Walter has been going crazy looking for work…

After thinking about it all…I am so looking forward to May…things will slow down and I will be able to breathe…lol…do you think it will happen then…book 4 and Keith’s manuscript working in the background…YEA, I hear ya

Blessed Be,


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