Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Breathe - Deep, Slow and Easy


        Restructuring my life is underway…I am glad you had time to come back and help me start getting things put in order…yes, there is much going on…sit here at the desk and I will fill you in on how the next few months are planned

       The Hypathian Studio is one of the newest editions…it is a group of great minds that all work for one of the companies of Dorraine Cooper-Rooney, Limited…we will be meeting on December the 3rd in Orlando…to go over upcoming events and gain insights to issues going on in the company…we will also be voting on a draft of company rules and regulations

       D’s Detail is thankful for all the recent new business…if you have time please come in or check us on twitter…let us clean your car so you can show up to the holiday mean stylin…if you are turning your lease car back in, come talk to us as we are usually under the dealer’s ‘car cleaning’ fee…we have also been working at cars that are getting ready to show…we only us the best product to get the best results…

       At Girly Pirate we are buzzing like bees…we are now going to carry our own inventory…the website is being switched over during the next few weeks, please bear with us while we grow…we are also getting ready to set up an East Coast Lecture Tour…starting in Maine during February – we will also be stopping in Massachusetts, Virginia, and Georgia…we also have petitioned to speak at the United Nations during March…I will keep you posted as more news becomes available

       American Boudica has been working steady…we have been having exhibitions of the art, all around England…the children’s series new book has begun…we were sad to lose a muse, our Rose’s mother has pass over the rainbow bridge- we will miss her and wish her safe journey…we renewed the hub pages and started planning the new book of Boudica…

       Nature’s Power and Energy has been diligent…the website is under reconstruction and I am really super excited to see it completed…we are still holding on the patent for the HydroQueen…in the Project Phoenix we are getting ready to enter our application for Service Mark…we are looking to make collaboration with suppliers…I am also looking for a cad like program that is dependable and not so expensive…I am also looking for a 3d printer with the same attributes…

       Rooney Media Productions is finally ready to move forward…Alex has stepped up to do camera work for me…we will start with a bi-weekly video blog…our first taping session will also include a budget video…getting the props and stage ready, packing it all – this will make a great dry run for the lecture tour…as you can see, collaboration among the companies happens a lot and created the need for the Hypathian

       The new supply chain company is being formatted…we are looking to collaborate with companies from around the world…currently I am writing the program that will allow specialists to help company get the materials, get the through production and get the distributed to different parts of the world…we will be looking to get the best goods possible for the best price possible for our clients…we will expect a standard quality level precheck from any vendor local or abroad…I will soon employee a signup sheet with rules and regulations

       At the Sunshine Paddle, we hit the ground running…we have doubled our donation output from last year and tripled our holiday challenge…practice sessions at Honeymoon Island and Hudson Beach…the year slipped by so quickly, I am so thankful for the help, love and donations to help me make this charity so very successful…though we help others, I am the one who feels blessed….

       In school, I am working hard on my dissertation…this is not easy and my brain often hurts…I have a focus on the procurement section of the Supply Chain…I spend 2-10 hours a day reading and writing on top of everything else…I hope to be complete by the end of December

       In the Circle of Boudica, we are getting ready for the Feast of Yule…it teaches us it is good to be happy and thankful for what you have…I will be having a bon fire at the house on the December the 22, all are welcome….

       Poor Walt and Dad have been trying to keep up…I have even gone back to Dominos to raise the money we need to keep everything moving forward…the dogs are mad at me as I have been on the run…Walt has been keeping up the gardens for me…he cleaned off all of the Front fence line and it looks great…

       Well thank you for stopping to help…it was nice to hang out even if we had to keep moving along…if you get time, please come join us by the fire…it has been great and bring yourself on by again soon…


Blessed Be,


Captain Dee




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  1. things are moving fast, it's great to part of the Boudica sensation, here's to a cool Yule if, I don't see you before. All the very best.